What You Should Know About Chief Marketing Officers


The bigger your company gets, the more executive and chief level officers you will need to help you run it. A chief marketing officer is one of those positions that the sooner you fill it, the easier it will be to grow your company. Understanding what these officers do, why you need one and where you can find one can give you an edge in recruitment.

What Do They Do?

A CMO like Eyal Gutentag can design and implement your marketing campaigns as well as manage your marketing team. These experts in marketing help build your brand and reputation with customers, partners and suppliers to give you a more competitive edge.

Why Do You Need One?

The key to a successful business is getting your products and services to your customers. If they cannot find your company’s offerings, then they won’t buy them. A CMO does more than just show off your brand, however, he or she will use data analytics to help guide campaigns to catch the eye of potential customers in a variety of ways.

Where Can You Find One?

Business professionals such as those with training as chief marketing officers can advertise their services on networking sites or through headhunter sites. This can make it easier to see what kind of job they are doing currently, what you can offer them to move to your company and much more. These listings can also help you get a better understanding of what a CMO does.

When you are trying to grow your company, having a CMO can make a big difference. These experts can help you manage, design and implement your marketing strategies to help customers, partners and suppliers understand your brand. This is useful in growing your reputation as well as in growing your sales. You can find a CMO through networking either on or offline.

New methods of drug delivery is the future for the pharmaceutical industry



With the production and launch of new drugs happening all the time, attention is also very firmly focused on the delivery method of those substances to meet modern needs and requirements.

The world of technology never sits still for long, and nowhere is that more true than in the field of pharmaceuticals. With greater understanding of chronic conditions, and the focus on developing medicines that can help alleviate those conditions and their symptoms, the traditional delivery system of oral medication is not always fit for purpose. 

Step forward nanomaterials with their unique properties that can allow for implants and patches that can manage a slow steady release of drugs into the bloodstream that is proving to be a much more effective method of delivery. With the advances in the development of the electrospinning machine research in this area is now easier than ever before and is now a key focus for investment and research as the capabilities of nanomaterials are becoming more and more apparent. 

Electrospinning and electrospraying is versatile and easy to set up

The process of electrospinning or spraying in order to create nanomaterials from polymer melts and solutions is now more advanced than ever. The usability of such machines is now such that a research laboratory can be set up in a matter of months where the workforce already has some understanding of electrostatics and polymers. This means shorter lead times for getting production up and running, and upskilling the workforce is easy and quicker. All this serves to reduce costs to the business.  

Creators of electrospinning machines are able to approach the implementation at a bespoke level, ensure the set up is right for the needs and intended outcomes of the research department. This can include adapting the machinery, which comes in different varieties from small ‘proof of concept’ machines to full production. The solution is now also fully scalable, and GMP and ISO certified for pharma-grade mass production, and there are many manufacturers leading the way in this.  

The machines can use a huge variety of raw materials and natural polymers to achieve the desired output properties. From sub-micronized particles and fibers, true encapsulation, nano-in-micro particles and multi-layered core-shell structures and non-woven mesh it is possible to create powder or granules for oral (tablets, capsules, sachets), parenteral, nasal, pulmonar, ophthalmic, vaginal & topical applications and patches for transdermal, mucosal, buccal & sublingual applications. 

The benefits of electrospinning production is huge

Using these methods to create pharmaceuticals has huge benefits. Firstly the process is highly versatile. Any solvent, excipient or API (including live cells) can be used in the creation of the solutions, suspensions and emulsions used in the process, and with no stress applied on the API this guarantees a product of the highest stability and quality, as materials are produced at a molecular level ensuring virtually no defects. 

In a single step it is possible to produce a dry product with minimal moisture content and with excellent processability of final product. Dose uniformity is guaranteed, which is vital in the management of chronic conditions.  

All this lends itself to maximum potency of the final product, which is all to the benefit of the end consumer. Release of the drug is controlled and optimized allowing for a faster onset of the effects on the body, yet also minimizes side effects especially when non-oral methods of distribution are used as often side effects are the result of the drug interacting with the digestive system. 

Added to this the path to general release of a new drug can be made much easier. Of course there first needs to be the necessary data from the drug trials, but once that is available and the drug is prepared for release using certain platforms, then it makes it a lot easier to achieve market authorization. This will reduce costs of development, and there have been instances where it was possible to bring a new product to market in just one year, far quicker than you might normally expect.

Helpful Budgeting Tips for Parents with Young Children


Kids are amazing, but they’re also very expensive. Even if you think you planned for the arrival of your new bundle of joy carefully, there’s a good chance that you’re going to end up with extra expenses to worry about that you never considered before.

The best thing you can do to make sure that you’re ready to deal with the various costs of young children is to build a budget. Before kids, you might not have worried too much about budgeting and preparing for every cost. However, now you’ve got more responsibilities to handle, from doctor visits to baby gear, and endless diaper costs. To make sure that you can handle the various challenges of having kids, here are some useful financial tips.

1.    Get your Budget Right

First, you need to be willing to commit to a budget that you can really get behind. Don’t just tell yourself that you’re going to watch your expenses or try and save up some extra money. Instead, track every penny you spend, and every penny that comes into your bank account from your job and other earnings. Look at how much money you’re likely to earn in the next month and design a plan for how much you’re going to allow yourself to spend.

For some people, it helps to stick to a specific budgeting philosophy. For instance, you could consider using the 50/30/20 budgeting plan. This is when you put 50% of the money that you earn towards essential bills and expenses, 30% towards your “wants” and 20% towards savings. While this option won’t work for everyone, it’s a great starting point.

2.    Work out your Lending Strategy

If you’re going to need to dip into some extra money elsewhere to afford important expenses in the coming months, then you need a lending strategy as well as a spending strategy. For instance, generally, it’s not a good idea to rack up a huge bill on your credit card if you can avoid it. Instead, it might be helpful to think about how much money you need to spend and think about taking out a short term loan instead.

This way, you’ll usually be able to benefit from lower interest rates and fewer fees to handle in the long-term. Additionally, whenever you borrow money, remember that you’ll need to update your budget to add in that extra monthly repayment.

3.    Eat at Home and Plan your Meals

One of the biggest things that people spend money on each month is food. The good news if your children are younger, is that you’re probably not going to have them asking you for meals at restaurants very often. You might not have a lot of time in your schedule to eat out regularly. However, you could be eating out more than you need to with café lunches and fast-food on an evening.

When you’re exhausted by having a career and children to look after, it often feels like a good idea to order in as much as you can. However, you’ll save a lot more money if you plan your meals in advance, make sure that they’re easy to prepare, and avoid eating outside of the home.

4.    Banish One Unnecessary Expense

When you have children, your priorities will change pretty quickly. The things that you used to think were essential won’t seem nearly as important anymore. For instance, it might be easier to choose between saving for a baby’s college fund than paying a monthly fee for a gym that you never go to.

Go through your bank statements and think about what you can get rid of that you’re not going to miss. You don’t have to give up everything, but there should be at least one unnecessary expense that you can banish. According to one recent survey, 84% of people aren’t sure how much they’re spending on monthly subscriptions. Check that you’re not paying for anything you’ve forgotten about.

5.    Constantly Adapt

Ultimately, as your children grow and your lifestyle changes, your budget will gradually become outdated and less helpful. This means that you’ll need to keep going back to your spending plan and figuring out what you can do to improve your situation.

Once every few months, arrange a night where you can sit down with your partner and figure out whether your plans are still working. Ask yourself if there’s anywhere you might be able to save or make some extra money to make your life a bit easier. Don’t forget to celebrate your little wins too. Be proud of yourself for every dollar you save.