You’re Fired! Serious Personal Issues That Could Kill Your Career

You might think that you can keep your personal life and your business life separate. For the most part, that’s true. But in some cases, a personal issue could cause you to lose your job or make you less hirable. Essentially, there are some occurrences in life that push you off your career track and into the unemployment line. Let’s look at some of these problems and how to handle them.

Criminal History

If you have a history of arrests you might as well wear handcuffs to your interview. There is absolutely no way that you’ll get hired. Particularly because these days most employers run background checks on potential candidates. It does depend on the crime but even small criminals acts will be judged and could prevent you getting your dream job. For instance, you might have a DWI offense on your record. Assuming you didn’t hit anyone, you may not think that’s a big deal. Unfortunately, it is to employers, and they could see you as a liability. If you’re looking for a DWI lawyer, you must make sure you find one of the best firms. Otherwise, you might end up with a mark on your permanent record that won’t be easy to hide. You should always try and prove your innocence when you’re charged with a crime like this. Or, work to have your record expunged.

Poor Credit

Your credit history is accessible to anyone who is interested in your finances, and that includes a future employer. Again, they might check this as part of a background exploration. If you have a poor credit, it does paint a rather negative picture of you as a potential employee. It shows that could be unreliable and you may even struggle to get a basic job. After all, employers will assume that people with poor finances are more likely to try and steal money. They will assume you are in a desperate situation and it could prevent you getting a job such as operating a till.


Employers can be superficial and will judge you based on your appearance. Particularly, if you are applying for a job that will involve you representing the company by interacting with customers. If employers think you are poorly presented, you will need to work to cover up your appearance. This might include taking out piercings or covering tattoos. Generally speaking, employers are becoming more accepting of these style choices. But, there are plenty of businesses that will avoid hiring employees with this type of mark on their body.

Embarrassing Profiles

Last but not least, you need to think about your online footprint. You must make sure there is nothing online related to you that could embarrass a business. This might include social media posts, online videos or forum memberships. Anything like this should be private or deleted, particularly when applying for a high profile position at a business.

If you take this advice on board, you can avoid or fix personal issues that will kill your career.

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