Why You Should Start Attending Conferences

9323706488_7c288a9659_zA few weeks ago, I published the post My FinCon14 New Orleans Recap – Networking At Its Finest. This was my second year at FinCon (it’s a financial bloggers conference), and it’s a conference I don’t think I will ever miss as long as I am in the freelance blogging world, which will hopefully be forever. 🙂

Also, I should mention that I’ve attended several other conferences in the past, but they were all related to my day job and overall they were just bad/horrible/boring conferences. If you’ve attended conferences in the past and didn’t enjoy it, it may have just been a badly managed conference.

FinCon is not that. FinCon is an amazing blog conference, and there are plenty of other conferences out there as well that can have many benefits for you and/or your business.

Below are the different reasons for why I think you should start attending conferences:

You can learn new skills and new ideas.

Whether you attend a blog conference or a work-related conference, you will always learn something new. That’s the main point of attending a conference. There are usually sessions throughout the day or throughout the week that you can attend.

You might learn how to run your business more efficiently, what’s new in the industry, different plugins to run your website more smoothly, hear about important research that relates to your industry, how to reach out to potential customers, how to expand your market, and more. The amount of new skills and new ideas you could possibly learn from a conference is endless.

There are also many different types of conferences you could attend. You could attend a conference that specifically relates to finance blogging, freelancing, travel blogging, owning your own business, financial advice, social media, investing, and more. There are thousands of conferences out there and I’m sure you could find one great one that fits what you are looking for.

The networking at a conference can be a great experience.

Conferences are great for networking. You can finally meet someone who you have been talking to online for the past year. You can hang out with them, talk about the different sessions you’ve attended, grab dinner, and more.

I’ve made some great friends and great contacts at conferences. You also might be able to find a new job, a new side hustle, a client, someone to work for you, and more.

Conferences can motivate you.

Conferences can bring a lot of motivation. That’s one big thing I love about FinCon.

It can help rejuvenate you and help you with whatever you are doing. You meet so many new people and learn about so many new ideas at a conference that it would be difficult to not come back more motivated than when you left.

Do you attend conferences? Why or why not?

If there are any other blogging or freelancing conferences out there, please share them. I’m looking to possibly attend a few more each year.


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Why You Should Start Attending Conferences — 17 Comments

  1. The concept of visiting conferences is vital for personal and professional development.. Good on you for getting out there and attending Michelle! I checked out making sense of cents as well :), looks great and thanks for pointing me there

  2. I hope I get to go one day, it’s just so far away for me – expensive travel 🙁 but yes, the people you meet and the contacts you make would make it worth it, I would think 🙂

  3. I’ve been to a number of conferences over the years related to my day job (nonprofit fundraising and communications) and I always come away with a greater appreciation for the work I do. I think conferences serve many purposes, but their ability to refocus your efforts on the bigger picture of your work is the most vital takeaway for me. I was fortunate that my work sent me to the Simmons Women’s Leadership conference last year, which was an amazing experience–it’s a gathering of successful women from every field imaginable and it was incredibly inspiring. All that to say, I’m in total agreement!

  4. Conferences are a wonderful way to revitalize you, connect with people in your industry, learn new concepts/techniques/and what to watch out for. I attend conferences for the field that I’m in and they are great too! FinCon, though, is the best conference-Period.

  5. I haven’t ever attended a blogging conference. You make it sound so intriguing though! I’ve been blogging since January and would love it if there was a conference close to home to get my feet wet! Thank you for your insight into conferences!

  6. For those who can’t write it off as a business expense and can’t justify spending their own money on it, there are a few hacks. Try to set up local meet ups with other freelancers in your region. Even if it’s only once a year, it’s still good networking.

    During any major conference, I set up a column in tweet deck just for the hash tag and read it like crazy! You can learn so much just that way! I learned an absolute game changer in my blogging from fincon this year just by reading the Twitter feed.

  7. I’m amazed at how everyone raves about FinCon. Like others who have commented, I can’t justify going while we’re trying to get out of debt. I’m not much of a schmoozer, but I would love to go and learn at the various seminars/workshops. It would also be cool to meet the people behind the blogs : )

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