Welcome Aboard – Make A Positive Impact In Your New Company From Day One

Starting a new job can be a very daunting experience. You might be very nervous about being the newbie and standing out in the office. Not only that, though, but you might be worried that you might not fit into the company and that you could be very overwhelmed by learning all of the new office procedures. However, there really is nothing to worry about – after all, everyone else in the company will have been in your position before and, as a result, they should all be completely supportive of you.

Everyone wants to make a good first impression on their first day in the office. They also want to make a positive impact on the company to show that they really were the best person to fill the role. Are you wondering how you can do that? Here are some quick tips that can help you impress your new boss and company.

Introduce Yourself To Everyone

You should make an effort to introduce yourself to as many people in the office as possible. That helps you get to know who everyone is a lot quicker, and it also lets them put a name to the new face in the office. Once you know exactly what everyone does in the office, you will be able to then direct any questions you might have to the right person. That’ll help you get answers a lot quicker. Try not to be too shy even if you are a naturally quiet person as this could give off the wrong first impression. Similarly, though, don’t be too loud and overbearing as that could also skew people’s first impressions of you.

Bring In Ideas From Your Previous Company

You will have been hired because of your skills, knowledge, and experience. Your new company will want to take advantage of everything that you know and that you can do. So, try and bring everything that you learned in your previous roles into this new position. You might want to tell your manager that in your previous role you found that software such as SimpleSat really helped you get on with your work. Letting your new boss know this could encourage them to bring these programs and software into the company to improve its processes. Let your boss know all the good things that helped you in your previous company, and you could be surprised by just how many he brings into your new role.

Be A Good Listener

There will be a lot to learn in your new role. You will need to learn all about the company and its day to day running, and you might also have to quickly learn new skills and knowledge for the particular job you have been hired to do. So, it is really crucial that you are a good listener and are open to everything that people want to tell you. This will all be good for your job and can help you fit into the role and the company a lot quicker. Don’t forget that your employer will want you to learn everything as quickly as possible; there might not be a chance to review things that you aren’t completely sure of. So, make sure you are an active listener and try to be as sponge-like as possible – that will help you absorb all of the necessary information!

Don’t Expect To Make Friends Straight Away

Unfortunately, you might be considered the newbie for quite a long time by your colleagues and coworkers. In fact, some people say that they feel like the newbie right until the first new hire after them joins the team. If your company doesn’t hire a lot of people often, then that could be for quite some time! Don’t expect to make friends with your coworkers straight away. Sure, they will get on with you and be pleasant, but you might not start to feel like real friends for a few months after you start. Don’t worry, though; you will get there eventually – you just need to be patient!

Focus On Your Own Team First

It’s important that you focus on your own team first. As these are the people who you will be working closely with every day, you should try and make friendships within this team first. These friendships can then help you reach out to other people in the company. Making friends in your team or department will also help you understand your job and role a lot better, as you can then easily reach out to these colleagues for support and advice. It can also improve the overall team spirit in your department.

Be Open About Any Concerns

There will be some cases of the wrong person being hired for the role. After all, recruiters are only human and can make mistakes in the recruitment process, which could let someone who isn’t a particularly strong fit for a job slip through the whole process. If you feel that things aren’t going particularly well during your first few weeks, you should try and wait it out and see if things improve. This could just be because you are still trying to find your place in the new company. However, if you still have some issues a couple of months after you started, then you might want to speak to your boss or manager about them. If you are open and honest about your issues – maybe this isn’t the job that you had thought it was going to be or perhaps you are just finding it hard to fit in – they should be able to help you and can provide some solutions for your problems if at all possible. However, if these problems persist even after seeking help, you might have to face up to the fact that this position probably isn’t the right one for you. If they persist after a year in your position, you might want to think about moving on to another opportunity.

Good luck in your new job!

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