These Are The Ways Your Website It Letting You Down

It’s pretty much a given that if you want to be successful in today’s economic climate, your SME will need a good website. However, it seems like not all SME have got the memo, and in fact, there are some particular issues that commonly need improving in this sector. Read on to find out what they are.

Poor content

Content continues to be king regarding your website, and mediocre content is not going to do you any favors with your readership. Poor content isn’t only badly written posts or using only free site photos either, its content that is not significantly tailored to your SMEs target audience.

In fact, the matching of the material you are displaying to the people you are most interested in attracting as customers is a vital element of any successful marketing plan. What this means is that written, and video post needs to both pose and answer a question that is meaningful to your demographic, preferable in an accessible and entertaining way. Something you can read more on how to do in the post at

Weak landing page

Your website could also be letting you down because your landing page isn’t strong enough to keep visitors’ focus. When this happens, it can cause a high bounce rate; this is when visitors get as far as you landing page but then do not carry onto any other crucial parts of your site.

Happily, there are some things that you can do to fix your landing page and improve its effectiveness. One of these is to use a landing page builder like the one at to help you create a something effective without having to have detailed coding and web design knowledge. The benefit of using builders like this make strengthening landing pages possible for SMEs whether they have access to technical expertise in site design or not. Something that can help level the playing field and ensure your site is no longer letting you down.

No social media integration

Next, your website may be letting you down because you do not include enough social media integration. This is such an important aspect of successful websites because it gives your visitors an easy way to engage and interact with your brand.

This engagement is one of the steps that the later sales and marketing stages are built upon. Therefore providing an integrated solution that will enable this to happen on your website can make a lot of sense. Read more on how to do this at

Bad security

Lastly, one way that many SMEs websites are letting them down is through shaky security. After all, it doesn’t matter how integrated, and engaging your site is for your customers if they are in danger of losing their personal information by visiting.

To this end, boosting your security protocols as suggested in the post at, and even your CMS practices can have a positive effect on your website security. Yes, it may be an aspect that your customers may not respond to actively, but you can be sure they will vote with their ‘feet’ if your site’s security is ever compromised in a significant manner. Something that makes is an issue that is well worth devoting time and resources to resolving.

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