Unique Team Building Ideas To Try

Team building sucks, you might say. But if you do it right, your team building and bonding can be fun, unique and downright hilarious. If you want an excuse to spend time with your team out of the office for a day, here are some of the fun activities you can do.

An escape room

An Escape room is a problem-solving game which involves you being locked in a room for one hour, given a scenario and a bunch of clues and trying to find your way out. You will have to work as a cohesive team for this to work because each small clue will form part of the bigger picture, and you will all need to be on the same page to work out the puzzle. It can be a fun way to put different teams against each other by having two or three teams locked in different rooms to see who makes it out first.

Murder mystery

If you fancy being able to dress up and have a nice meal as you play your team building games, then a murder mystery game can be ideal. You will need to nominate one person to be the narrator, and they will be the only person who knows the identity of the killer. You will all be given a different character to play, and through the game, you’ll have a series of clues to decipher. If you work as a great team, you should be able to identify the murderer in no time!

Guitar Hero

If you remember this old classic, then you will know how competitive it can be when you play against each other on expert level. You can make a tournament with the office and have multiple games against each other until you only have two players remaining. Make it a fun final and have your whole office present to see who the champion ends up being. It can be a fun way to bond and also gives you plenty of things to talk about afterwards.

Office sports day

If you want to spend some time outside and enjoy the sun this summer, it can be the perfect excuse to bring out the games, split everyone into teams and hold an office Olympics of sorts. You can have relay races, space hopper races, obstacle courses and fun forfeits for the losers. The winning team gets a free round at the bar at the end of the day and you can all have something hilarious to look back on.

Scavenger hunt

If you don’t have a big budget to spend on a team building day, you can make it into a scavenger hunt around the office and split your office into teams of two. Sure, the office will be total chaos for a few hours, but it will be fun watching your team scramble to decipher your clues and find the prize. The prize could be a gift card, some chocolates or even a crate of beer.

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