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Can you believe how quickly this year is going by? We’re just a couple of days away from Christmas, and in around one week it will be New Year’s. And then it will be 2015!

Due to this, I wanted to wrap up 2014 on Diversified Finances and talk about my most popular posts here. In 2015, I want to spend a little more time here on this blog and I cannot wait.

Enjoy the posts below if you have not read them yet!

Excuses You Use To Not Follow Your Passion – There are too many people who make excuses for not following their passion. There might even be something holding you back. What’s your excuse?

How To Start An Online Business – I have an online business, and I LOVE it. There are so many positives to having one. If you are interested in starting your own online business, read this post.

Taking A Vacation When You Are Self-Employed – One of the only downsides of being self-employed is that it can be very hard to actually take a REAL vacation. You will often feel forced to work because it can feel so easy to continue working.

The Blogging Business and Taxes – Taxes are something that no one ever really wants to think about. In this post, I discuss the blogging business and what happens when it comes to taxes.

Buying Blogs/Websites For Profit Part 1 – I bought a couple of websites in 2014, and they paid off thankfully. There are many things to think about when buying a website for profit. I will have to create a Part 2 to this article soon.

How To Find A Writing Job – Writing online is one of the many services that I offer through my freelancing business, and it is what helped me leave my day job to pursue freelancing full-time. Because of this, I receive many e-mails each week from readers asking what they can do to get into online writing.

Blogging Is Real Work – In this article I discuss some of the things that you have to do when you have a blog. Remember that most bloggers do freelancing work outside of blogging, and they mainly have their blog as a platform for the freelancing services that they offer. A lot of work goes into blogging, but even more probably goes into the other services that a blogger offers.

My Business Plans For The Future As An Online Freelancer – A question I am often asked is what my business plans are for the future. As a business owner, I am always looking to grow the services that I offer and increase my income.

I hope everyone has a great rest of the year. Come back next week and I will have one more post for 2014 for you all 🙂



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