The Top 4 Graduate Level Jobs

So, you’ve just come out of university with a degree of your choice, and you’re looking for a job. You and every other graduate is going to be doing this, which makes getting a job with a degree a bit more difficult than it should be! Of course, you can always jump into a job that you’re overqualified for, but the whole reason why you studied for a degree is so that you can climb higher in the job ladder, so you need to know how to take proper advantage of your degree by applying for the right jobs. But which ones should you be applying for? Well, if you carry on reading, you’ll find out!



Teaching is a profession that isn’t going to go out of date anytime soon, there are loads of students around the world that need teaching, and until we build robots that’ll do it for us we’re going to need teachers! Primary level teaching doesn’t often require a degree, but for teaching high school seniors and even teaching in universities as an assistant requires a degree. These jobs are often rewarding as they are well paying! As a teacher you’re going to be introducing students to something interesting that they’ve never done before, guiding them through their journey to get a qualification. It’s a very interactive and satisfying job to have, not to mention that you get to take advantage of having loads of time off during the holidays! Apart from a degree, you’re also going to need to get a teaching license just to ensure that you’re trained to be an actual teacher instead of just giving kids loads of facts!



Nursing is an odd area, you can go into nursing straight away if you have a nursing degree or you can go into it if you have a medically related one, but if you’ve got anything else then you won’t be eligible to become one! But if you are, it’s something definitely worth considering. You’re going to be helping people overcome serious injuries, getting them back to where they need to be so that their injuries no longer hinder them. The experience of a nurse is dictated directly by where you work. If you’re working in a hospital that is run down and isn’t very well funded then the experience their isn’t going to be good, however if you work at an institution that is well funded then you’re going to have a very positive experience there. Knowing where the best places to work as a nurse will benefit you greatly because you’ll always be able to apply in the right places, but you’re limited by where you live so always keep this in mind!



Becoming a psychiatrist is perhaps even more rewarding than becoming a nurse, and it’s much better paid too! Psychiatrists help people who are mentally ill; the scope of mental illness is huge and it’s a relatively new field, and we’ve only just begun creating effective treatments for people that have mental illness such as alcohol and drug addiction. You’d be helping people get their lives back on track after a mental illness, though it can be more of a struggle than physical illnesses because much less is known about it. How do you become one? You’ll need a degree within the field of psychology to get you started. Of course, those courses that are aimed more in the clinical direction are more for the psychiatrist role but ones involved in cognitive and developmental studies are still applicable. Once you’ve gotten any one of these qualifications, doors will open to hospitals, specialist institutions and even private hiring work, all of which pay well and is good, honest work because you’re going to help people overcome the illnesses that unfairly plague them!



This covers a wide range of different engineering types such as chemical, mechanical and aerospace to name but a few. The world has need of engineers as there is a great shortage of them, so if you have an engineering degree expect to get headhunted! Engineering jobs can vary massively. You could be in an entry or senior level position depending upon where you studied and what qualification you have. You could get lucky enough to land yourself a job at a prestigious institute such as NASA doing aeronautical engineering, if you get past the interview of course! Engineering opens up possibly the most doors out of all of the degrees mentioned here. You could work in almost any business that operates machinery as they’re going to need someone to oversee it all, this goes for supermarkets, transportation companies, travel companies, everything you can think of! One thing to keep in mind with engineering jobs though is that they often require a lot of experience. Well paying jobs will demand that you have at least a few years of experience within the industry before they employ you, and this is simply because your degree is not going to be able to prepare you for everything that you’re going to be working with, so it’s good to start off in an entry level position for a few years before you start applying for the more senior roles, just to make sure you get it!

All of these jobs are brilliant for graduates. You’re going to be able to jump right into any one of these jobs as long as you have the right degree for it, if you get a medically related degree you could become a nurse, or even a doctor if you’ve got the right degree. You could become a teacher and teach what you studied to young learners, to maximize their chances of becoming as successful as possible, or you could become a psychiatrist and help people battle and overcome illnesses that very little is known about. Starting the career however is a whole different ball game because you’ll have to go through the application process, but if you read this then you’ll be well on your way to starting strong!

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