Tips To Land That Online Job

Tips To Land That Online Job

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Something that I am e-mailed a good amount about is how a person can land an online job.  I have had a decent amount of online jobs, and I’m always out there looking for new ones. I feel like a professional in applying for online jobs!

I believe that obtaining an online position is similar to an offline position, and should be treated similarly.


Do people even know what you do?

If no one knows what services you offer, then how are they supposed to find you and hire you? Yes, word of mouth is important, but you should have a website or SOMETHING that lists your services. It makes things so much easier!

Ask those in your network.

Saying this in public may mean I will be buried in e-mails, but I occasionally am asked if I know anyone who provides high quality work in things such as website design, blog related tasks and so on, and I tend to dish them out to those who are awesome and are looking for freelance jobs.

Your network is your friend. If you are looking for a job, then I am sure there is some job out there that fits what you are looking for.

If you regularly talk to those in your network, then they might refer others to you.

So, always stay in touch with your network!

Keep in mind that there is a line between being annoying and asking nicely. If you ask your network (such as posting on a forum) 100 times per day, then you might be pushing your luck and you may actually push people away. Find a healthy balance and approach people correctly.

Search yourself.

Even though it is an online job, are you still professional with the way that you conduct yourself online? For example, if you run a business and you are constantly rude on your business Twitter account (such as yelling at people for no reason), then this will probably make a potential client run in the other direction.

Pick up the phone.

Even though e-mail may be easy, occasionally you will need to actually talk on the phone, have a video session, or meet in person. Many people prefer the phone because they want to know who they are talking to – makes complete sense!

Dress the part.

Even though you are working online, you might occasionally have to attend meetings. Or you might even have a Skype session. Showing up in unprofessional clothes (such as pajamas!) definitely won’t help you at all.

Follow up.

Just like with an offline job, you should follow-up with a position that you have applied for. You never know, your e-mail may have been lost.

What tips do you have for someone trying to land an online job?

Should an online job be treated differently than an offline job?



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  1. These are great tips, Michelle. A while back I purchased my name as a domain name but haven’t done anything with it. A lot of info about me can be found on my blog and LinkedIn but I don’t think that’s enough.

    I need to start looking for opportunities to get in front of people through public speaking and that may be one good way to go about it. Thanks for the nudge!

      • It can be scary, but getting coaching can really help. I recently went to the SCORRE conference put on by Ken Davis and Michael Hyatt (author of Platform, How to Get Noticed in a Noisy World). It was well worth every penny and I highly recommend that anyone who wants to add public speaking to their bag of talents go to this seminar. I have no affiliation with that company by the way!

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