Tips To Keep Your Car Running

After you finally go through the purchase of your new car and find financing, I have met people who have never done any sort of maintenance on their car. They literally go thousands past their mileage limit when it comes to getting an oil change.

They never put anti-freeze in their car, they never check the brakes, and so on. I really don’t know how some of these cars continue to drive on the road without doing some major damage.

Staying on top of your regular maintenance for your car is very important, and it can also help you save money in the long run. Regular maintenance is healthy for your car.

Here are my tips to keep your car running so that your car will last years.

Get your oil changed in your car.

Depending on your car, you can usually get your oil changed anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Some cars need oil changes more often, some less often. It all just depends. Many newer cars now will tell you exactly how much life expectancy you have. And then of course you can always check the normal way and physically check your oil.

Rotate your tires.

Rotating your tires extends the life of your tires greatly. No one wants to shell out money for extra tires (they are usually anywhere from $50 for a really cheap tire to sometimes $400 or $500, and then you have to of course buy four of them) when they don’t have to. Instead, take care of your tires!


There are of course many other things that you can do in order to extend the life of your vehicle. Some are listed below:

  • Only put clean gas in your car. Some gas stations can have very dirty gas which may harm your vehicle.
  • Do a transmission flush when your car needs it. These can be a little expensive, but they can really help.
  • Be nice to your car during the break in period. Listen to what your car manufacturer says, because I’m sure they know something about the car that they have made 🙂
  • Eliminate some items from your key chain. Do you really need 15 keys and a bunch of key chains on your set of keys? Probably not. The extra weight is not good when you have your keys in your car.

What are your tips to keep your car running?

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