Tips for Saving Money on Your Atlanta Auto Insurance


Because the law says you must have auto insurance, it is one of those essential expenses you cannot get away from. The good news is that insurance costs are quite variable. Atlanta Insurance companies use a range of different criteria to assess your situation and come up with a price. Any adjustment to any of those criteria can raise or lower your insurance costs. Luckily, you can control some of the criteria to help save money on your auto insurance. Here’s a look at some tips that you can begin to implement to help lower your insurance costs.

Tip: Obtain a Defensive Driving Certificate

A unique thing about Georgia is you can get a discount on your insurance if you take an approved defensive driving course. This certification shows an insurance company that you have advanced skills and more of an ability to avoid situations where an accident may occur. Insurance companies like to hear that because it means you are not as likely to make a claim, which saves them money. Just make sure that you take an approved course. If the course you take is not approved, it will not count and you won’t get the discount.

Tip: Raise Your Deductible

This is a long given tip that works, but it also has a down side. You should only raise your deductible to a point where you feel comfortable. Having a high deductible for the sake of saving money on your policy is not a good thing if you cannot afford to pay that deductible should you get into an accident. Remember your insurance company will not pay anything until you pay your part. So, for some people, raising the deductible may not be a good option. Check your finances to see what deductible is the most you could afford and choose that.

Tip: Avoid Tickets

Even if you do not get into an accident, other driving mistakes can affect your Atlanta auto insurance rates. Getting tickets for speeding or other violations show you are a careless driver. This leads insurance companies to see you as a higher risk. You will pay the price in the end. So, it is important to keep your driving record clean.

Tip: Be Careful With Teenagers

Adding a teen to your insurance is going to raise your rates no matter what, but you can curtail how much it goes up. You should list your teen as an occasional driver only and assign him or her to the least expensive car to insure, if possible. It is also important to make your teen aware of the costs of getting into any trouble-on or off the road. A teen with any kind of legal issues is seen as a big risk, which will be reflected in your insurance premiums.

Tip: Don’t Get Too Much Insurance

You may be tempted to insure your vehicle to the max, but this is rarely a good idea. Older vehicles are usually not worth enough to shell out the extra money for collision and comprehensive coverage. In most cases, insurance companies won’t even let you insure a car that has a low value. Also, think of all those little extras. Do you need rental coverage or roadside assistance? Getting rid of even the small additions can save you quite a bit. Always look over your policy to ensure you understand every charge and eliminate those you do not want or need.

When it comes to auto insurance, most people want to find ways to save money. It can get quite expensive to insure every vehicle and driver in your household. However, by using the tips provided here, you should be able to save yourself a good chunk of money.

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