Three Easy Tips To Sell Your House Quickly


Three Easy Tips To Sell Your House Quickly

It’s no lie that the housing market in the UK is a tough, tough game with a huge supply and demand crisis. That means for anyone selling their home, finding the right buyer is a tough game and can take up to a year to do. However, there are ways to get around this waiting period – doing as little as adding a fresh lick of paint and dedicating your time to really do your research can help you find a perfect buyer in no time at all.

Upgrade Your Property

Phil Spencer, of Location, Location, Location advises that the best room to totally upgrade is the kitchen, with the potential to increase your property’s value by up to 4.6%. Upgrade utility appliances such as the oven, fridge, and washing machine to more environmentally friendly models to quickly grab the attention of buyers. Look for other Energy Efficiency measures you could add also, such as double glazed windows or loft insulation, as greener homes become an increasing priority for a new generation of first-time buyers.

Market Properly

Before you use an estate agent, think critically about them – based on their current adverts, would you want to buy these properties? Marketing is key in selling a home, so be sure to market the property as best you can. Use multiple channels of advertising, both online and in local print newspapers, and be sure all photos are very high quality. If you know the local area, use this to your advantage and advertise the nearby amenities such as shops, transport links, and schools. If you have a large family home, use your lived experience – safe streets and friendly neighbours, for example, to draw in potential buyers.

Get A Correct Valuation

If you really do need to sell the property in a hurry, such as in situations of divorce, moving due to work, or you’ve unexpectedly inherited a property, think wisely. Some estate agents will overestimate the value of the property in order to gain clients, so ask around and look at prices for similar properties in your area before you determine the asking price. If you can’t be waiting the average of 3 months to sell your property, consider using an online cash buy service which can calculate the value of your home based on bedrooms, size, style of house, and post code – and unlike an estate agent, show the hidden costs of legal fees which eat into your final profit.

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