Tangible Benefits of Using Tools for Collaborative Efforts

Collaboration tools for teams can present challenges, and getting full adoption going can be like herding cats, but the benefits to businesses are undeniable. Forbes recommends that in terms of collaboration, that leading by example is the best path to success, but in case you need further convincing there are serious bottom-line benefits to consider.

  • Clearer Communication: It’s frustrating when you can’t get your message across through a text message or a phone call. Not only can it make for sour moods and internal conflict, but it can also keep your team from accomplishing what needs to be done. However, with the audiovisual aspect of a complete web conference solution, you will be able to get everything you need to be sure about the message each person is trying to deliver. You’ll have physical cues as well as the tone of voice, ensuring you won’t mistake a curt response for rudeness ever again.
  • More Savings: If you are a startup or a long-established corporation struggling to get by, then you might not have much of a budget to spend just to send your people out to a meeting in another city, much less any that’s going to be held in another country. However, there might be light at the end of the tunnel, because based on information from an article by GoVLoop.com, using these types of solutions can help you lessen any expenses involved with travel.
  • Faster Decision-Making: The long wait for a response can make any employee feel anxious, especially if it’s about an urgent matter. It could be because your recipient is still spending an hour typing out a response, among other things. With a quick call over the web, you can eliminate the need to wait and just talk to each other on the spot, ensuring no important matters go unresolved.

Collaboration Toolbox

Besides a way to communicate, you’ll need to have some other tools on-hand to make your discussions much more productive. Here are a few that you can try out the next time you have to gather people for an important decision the company has to make:

  • Kanban Charts: This is perfect for anything that comes in individual stages. For instance, if somebody has to finish a draft before somebody else can edit it, then that means n progress can be made until the person responsible for the draft finishes his or her work on time.
  • Online Meeting Software: These kinds of software have been found to produce effective and meaningful discussions in workplace environments, and for good reason. Because so much can be lost over any communication methods that are purely based on audio or text output, misunderstandings can easily happen. However, if you have audio and visual working together, it’s hard to miss certain cues, making for clearer communication between all parties involved. For effective group collaboration for IT, providers like Blue Jeans offer various kinds of equipment and services that can increase your team’s productivity.
  • Social Media Platforms: Do you tend to have to chase after people just to get them to turn in their work for the day? You might have an easier time keeping an eye on them if you utilize social media for some of your deliverables. Just be careful, as it can also be easy to get distracted by anything that’s not related to work.
  • Gantt Charts: Unlike the other type of chart, these are great for anything that needs fast turnaround times and have specific deadlines that your team has to meet. You can lay out your tasks that need to be accomplished per day, and gives you a good overview of how far along you’ve come on any specific task.
  • Task Lists: While it may seem like it’s easy to keep certain to-dos in your head, as the day progress, it can get harder and harder to remember what you had to do. This is especially true if your originally plan is suddenly set aside for an emergency project that you have to prioritize, leaving you frazzled and confused. Even the simplest pen and paper should do, though you can opt for digital versions on your mobile devices instead.
  • Collaboration Apps: If you need the ability to attach files, leave comments, assign tasks, and schedule other items all in one place, this type of solution may be best for you. There are a variety of different options available for free on the web, most of which come with premium versions that provide perks.

There are so many different ways to make collaboration efforts more effective that it can be intimidating, especially since there might be some pressure to choose a single perfect method that works in all cases. While this kind of solution may be hard to find, the important thing is to find the right process for the right task, while being open to any possible changes to whatever you have gotten used to. This way, you can take advantage of what works while also adapting to positive improvements that could increase your company’s productivity and profits.

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