Surviving a New Leader


If your company is going through a change in management, the whole atmosphere of the workplace seems to change. Not only are you coping with somebody leaving, but you are also facing the unexpected: A new boss with different policies and expectations. As a worker, this can seem frightening, almost like starting your job from the beginning again. How can you and all your coworkers be ready for such a dramatic shift?

Prepare as Best as You Can

Entrepreneur Keith Krach built his company through many changes and understands uncertainty. Whether this was a sudden change or a long time coming, you need to mentally prepare yourself for your new leader. Depending on your personal goals and your standing in the company, decisions might have to be made.

  • Do I still want to work here?” What are the circumstances regarding the shift? Did your boss leave for a valid reason, or was this a shady dealing that the company is not publicly discussing? If so, you might find yourself worrying about your own job security. If your manager was let go in a dirty way, might the same thing happen to you or your department?
  • Will this change help or hinder?” If job security is not an issue, the next question you should ask yourself is whether or not new management has the potential to benefit the company. Was your department doing well under the previous manager, or is there room for improvement? Will someone else in the boss’s chair be a better fit than the previous?
  • Do I want to work for this new person?” After you’ve analyzed the whys and hows of the shift, consider your new leader. What kind of person are they? Do you think you two will get along? What is their management style like and do you agree with it?

Roll with the Punches

If you’ve decided to stay, the best thing that you can do is buckle up and wait. Everyone has something to offer the world, and it’s worth waiting to see what your new leader has to offer. Time to start fresh again.

  • A new leader can be a great learning experience for you. Everyone has a history with their boss (for better or worse), and a new leader means a blank slate. Try and build a positive repertoire with your new manager right from the start to foster a good relationship between the two of you.
  • This can also be an ideal time to reflect on your work and find ways you can improve. You want to make a good impression on the new boss, right? Be your very best at your job. Pick up any slack that you might have been letting build up and turn in all your assignments and projects on time. Rekindle your passion for the job. Use this experience to help you improve.
  • Remember that your new leader is starting a brand new job and will need some adjustment. Managers are people just like you, so be patient if you’re finding yourself frustrated with them. It takes time to settle in no matter where you are working.

Help yourself and your team through this change. It can seem scary and uncertain but think of it as a challenge to help you improve at work.

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