4 Things You Need for Success in Ecommerce

Ecommerce is a growing sector of business that spans the globe and is accessible to more customers every year.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, e-commerce has skyrocketed, Amazon has been a noticeable example of it. Its shares more than doubled in a few months and the company captured millions of new customers, particularly in Europe where Amazon was not as popular as in the USA.

There are four things your ecommerce business needs to succeed and grow into a global company, a website, customer support, product images, and sales posture. The better quality and more unique you can make those four things, the better chance you have for success.

1. Excellent Website Design

Website design is more than just a technical challenge because you need to know which elements will attract customers as well as which ones will allow for high rankings in search engine results pages. You can browse through some of your favorite online shops, like www.smokingthings.com, and take note of the design choices that are most appealing to you. You can also work with a web designer and look through the portfolios of big web design firms for more tips and tricks.

When thinking about the design of an e-commerce front store, we cannot just focus on aesthetics but also on functionality and you should be aware of CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) every time you are working on an e-commerce interface as in the end, the key factor is to drive sales.

2. Superior Customer Support

Customers want to know that if there is a problem or if they have questions, there is someone willing and able to help them. With ecommerce, chatbot programs can help customers find answers to frequently asked questions more efficiently or connect them with live customer support if additional help is needed. You can also show superior customer support by incentivizing reviews and testimonials, working through shipping and return concerns with customers in mind, and being available on social media.

Finally, having a phone number clearly displayed on the site does help not only to provide better customer support but to drive sales by making the client feel it is a well-established business.

3. Quality Products and Images

The quality of your products will help retain customers, but the images you use for those products will be what initially draws them in. It is important that you have the rights to images you put up, so research your sources or take some photography classes to optimize your own images. Include bullet lists in your descriptions to quickly draw attention to key features and give your site more authority in search engine algorithms.

Another important aspect of our images is that they should be optimized so the site can load as fast as possible.

4. Unique Sales Posture

Your brand’s persona is the sales posture unique to you and can attract customers looking for something more personal than the big box stores. Harness the way you want your brand to be perceived in the way you design your website, write your blogs and interact with customers on social media. Remember that “edgy” brands still need quality customer service, however, so use language that appeals to your target audience instead of alienating them.

If you have a quality website, superior customer support and a unique sales posture, the excellence of your products can appeal to more customers and make your ecommerce startup successful. You can find help for each of those things as well as quality images and product descriptions to appeal to more customers as well as learning the tips and tricks yourself.

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