Social Media Screening Becoming an Essential Component of Social Hiring

For any company to achieve its goals and objectives, hiring the right employees is a fundamental aspect that the employers should consider. This is because the employees are directly responsible for the success or failure of the companies for which they work. However, finding employees that uphold the vision and mission of your company and that will propel the company’s activities towards achieving its goals is not a walk in the park. A lot of risks are involved, and therefore the employer must put top-notch caution before admitting any person to join their labor force.

Different media are used by hiring companies to get the required task force, the most common ones being advertisements through newspapers and other media houses. However, these channels come with their challenges; high cost of recruitment. This has given rise to a more convenient method of recruitment, which is social media hiring. This method has proved to be simpler and more pocket-friendly to the employers, and hence it has been rapidly adopted by many of them.

However, Social media hiring has been faced with a lot of challenges concerning the integrity and employees’ code of conduct. Employers are ending up hiring individuals that negatively contribute towards their organizations’ goals. Some of the individuals have been involved in unethical practices that have even resulted in companies being subjected to lawsuits and consequently paying steep prices for their employees’ misdeeds. Common employees’ misbehaviors include stealing of company’s discrete information that could jeopardize its policies, employee’s discrimination, and even sexual harassment.

The ultimate solution to all these challenges is the employers to perform due diligence on their candidates during the recruitment process and also after the employment. In this era and age, a lot of information regarding the employees is available both online and on social media platforms. Rigorous social media check and background screening should enable the employers to recruit employees of top-shelf integrity and also monitor their behavior after joining the companies. With social media screening offered by FAMA, employers can tell the candidates who truly deserve to be part of their task force and those that given a chance, would sabotage the principles and ethics of the company.

New Dawn:

Recently, an invention by FAMA has come to instill sanity in the risky employment environment. They have come up with a social intelligence device that helps the employer to critically assess the employment candidates during the hiring process to protect them from the risk of hiring unethical employees who would cause a backlash in the upholding the company’s mission and vision. The AI-based gadget has been integrated with all the candidates’ information that is readily available on the internet and also in the human resource department. This provides the employer with the relevant social intelligence to ensure that they hire the right people that will drive the organization’s objectives.

Apart from the hiring process, the solution provided by FAMA also protects the employer’s interests from the existing employees. FAMA helps the employer to identify behaviors that are risky among the employees. These include but not limited to discrimination, sexual harassment, and illegal access to sensitive information that could destabilize the operations of the company. FAMA conducts a rigorous social media screening to enable the employers to distinguish between the employees that can propel their company’s agenda and the ones that are not productive enough. With FAMA providing all the social media background check, employers now have no reason to fear or shun social hiring.

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