Being Self-Employed and Health Insurance

Being Self-Employed and Health Insurance PictureOne of the big reasons for why I was afraid to leave my day job was because I would be losing my health insurance. Yeah, yeah, I know. It should not have really been something that should have prevented me for so long from leaving my stressful day job for my business, but it did stall me a little bit.

My health insurance at my day job was pretty good. I didn’t have to pay a cent towards the monthly premium, as my employer fully took care of that. My copay was also low, and there was no deductible. Wow, did I have it lucky back then!

Health insurance is something you need.

Some people try to forgo health insurance, but I do not think that is a smart idea. If something were to happen to you, even a health insurance policy with a high deductible would be worthwhile.

I mean, what if you got into a car accident, fell badly, a serious medical issue came up related to your health that was unexpected, or something else? Health insurance would help you overcome some of those costs, instead of you having to go deep into medical debt.

Having a medical expense of $12,000 (which is usually the highest annual deductible on a health insurance plan) is much better than having a $1,000,000 bill to a hospital. Just think about it!

Think about what you can afford when it comes to health insurance.

There are many different types of health insurance policies out there. Some can be around $100 per person per month, others may be $500 per person per month, or even higher. You will want to think about the deductible, the monthly premium, what the copay is each time you need to visit a doctor, what your health insurance covers, and more.

There are a lot of things to think about when determining what health insurance you can afford and what you cannot. Click here to learn about health insurance plans.

How is your health insurance? Is your health insurance plan something that you are happy with or are you trying to find something better?


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