Purchasing Property Preparation – The Ticklist!

The market is as precarious as it ever was, maybe even more so. But as more people are finding it difficult to get their act together to buy their dream home, the option to rent appears to be a more sensible approach than ever before. But we all deserve our dream home, and it can take years to be “house-ready” so here are some things to make sure you are prepared for so you can get onto the property ladder with the least amount of fuss.

Make Sure You Look “Clean”

Before any bank is willing to lend you the money you have to show them that you are trustworthy. This means going over your recent credit history and checking that you haven’t had any missed payments, or you aren’t making any unnecessary spends. Something as basic as a cup of coffee that comes out of your account every day can add up, so think about if it means the difference between passing a credit check or failing it. Looking “clean” in the eyes of the banks can take some time to do, especially if you appear to have a questionable past when it comes to money, but if you undertake an overhaul of your finances, you will go the distance.

Do Your Research

In everything! Look at the area you want to move to, the type of house it is. Is the house a new build? If it is, the material might be more reliable than the houses built 20 years ago. Does the house not retain heat or is it a bit on the cold side? If you’re looking at an area, does it give you everything you need? Are there suitable amenities? Are there good-quality schools for your children? If you have found a house you love, it is possible to start some pre-purchase house
inspections to make sure the house is everything you need it to be. This applies especially if you are a first-time buyer and need guidance. Check the property around different times of day too, that way you will get a proper appreciation of the area and if it meets your needs.

Be Prepared To be Flexible

We want our dream home to be perfect, and this isn’t always feasible. The area may not be the place you had in your head, but if it has everything you need in a home, from a big garden to the amount of essential bedrooms, you may want to think about setting up home there. It is all about being flexible to the extent that you may have to veer away from what you had in your mind, and this is something that not many people are willing to do. At the same time, this is where you can be easily taken for a ride by the estate agency, so don’t be swayed by a poky one-bedroom house that is in the perfect area. You simply need to weigh up your options, and that is what buying a great home is all about.

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