Preparing Students for Careers of the Future: Top 10 Picks


Going to school is one of the most important aspects of socialization that prepares people for the future. In most cases, the career or business path you follow would be influenced significantly by your interests in school. For example, the professional writers on a sites like PaperWritingPros were most likely majors in literary arts, English, or any other department that allowed them to develop an interest in essay writing. As time passed, however, there has been a paradigm shift in the correlation between education and career. This is why schools need to put in more effort in preparing students for careers of the future.

1. Prepare Technicians

Over the years, advancement in technology has cost many people their jobs. However, statistics reveal that the demand for technicians is going to increase by more than 108% in the next decade. As the demand grows, so will their annual salary. To prepare yourself, your students or children for this field, inculcate science experiments as they apply to the real-world issues.

2. Prepare Registered Nurses

Do you think the demand for nurses is already high? You have no idea that this already high demand is going to increase by another 16% within the next decade. To prepare for this, students need to see real-world applications of biology. There should be practicals that allow them to appreciate the complexity of the human body.

3. Prepare Students For Skilled Trades

The emphasis on skilled workers has increased in recent times and is projected to move even higher. The demand for electricians, welders, bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, and other skilled workers will increase significantly in the next decade. Students need to be groomed to appreciate working with their hands rather than depending on computers all the time.

4. Prepare Heavy-Duty Drivers

Heavy-duty drivers include lorry, truck, construction, and other heavy equipment drivers. It is one of those professions that require the real-world application of mathematics. The demand for these drivers will increase significantly in the coming years.

5. Groom Physical Therapists

Statistics have shown that the demand for physical therapists will increase by at least 34% in the next five years. As a physical therapist, you can earn up to $85,000 with your professional degree. Apart from physical therapists, there will be an increase in the demand for assistants to physical therapists. There should be a lot of emphasis on hands-on biology, anatomy, and healing.

6. Prepare Web Developers

This is one of the jobs with the highest demand in the year 2019, and this demand is only going to get higher as time passes. Web developers earn a lot of money, and there isn’t any need for a specific university degree. Students who are interested in computer science and programming can be trained to start coding at an early age.

7. Prepare Writers

The rise in the demand for web developers is accompanied by a rise in the demand for writers. Students who love to write can start their writing career early by offering essay writing services to fellow students. They can also join the gig market to gain more from their profession.

8. Prepare Virtual Reality Designers

Over the years, virtual reality has been applied in several sectors from the educational sector to the health and real estate sectors. However, there is a shortage of virtual reality designers and this shortage is going to increase in the coming years.

9. Prepare Blockchain Developers

Just like the virtual reality, the proponents of blockchain technology believe that this distributed ledger technology is going to change the world during the next industrial revolution. Regular computer programmers can start learning blockchain development skills.

10. Prepare Weather Control Engineers

As global warming continues to plague the world, the need for weather control engineers is increasing. Students should learn about the negative effects of global warming and should be made to feel responsible for taking care of the environment.

These are the top ten jobs that would have a high demand in the future. The earlier grooming starts, the easier it will be to prepare students for these jobs.

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