Positives of Working From Home

Home OfficeHey everyone! Today’s post is all about working from home. All I can think about lately is how I’ll be working from home soon and how much better life will be.

Yes, I do realize that self-employment isn’t all butterflies and beaches, and that there will most likely be some negatives, but for right now, I do think working from home will be awesome and that I will enjoy it. Doing what I love and not having to dread every single morning that I wake up? Sounds amazing!

Next week I will talk about the disadvantages, because I do need to be realistic. Stay tuned and enjoy!

I enjoy what I do

One thing that I do every morning is stare at the ceiling. And then I get in my car and stare at my steering wheel for a couple of minutes. I obviously dread my current job and I cannot wait to switch it up and do what I love. I would love to be able to wake up and not want to run away!

I can work when I want to and create my own schedule that will work best for me. Some say that the lack of in-person social interaction will bother me, but I can honestly say that it won’t because right now I work pretty independently at my current job.

No traffic and no commute

My current job isn’t too far away from where we live, but it is around 11-12 miles or 15 minutes away. This means that I get to save on gas costs, and I also get to save time. Β On some days there can be really bad traffic and it will take me 2 hours to get to work, and I have even spent 3 hours trying to get home. And when school is back in session, my driving time is always longer. Right now in the summer it’s not as bad, but school does start back up again soon, ugh.

Not having to deal with bad drivers and traffic everyday will be nice!

More time

I hopefully won’t completely lose myself. I will still shower everyday haha! But I will be able to save some time as I won’t have to get ready for a business dress job everyday. With no commute and not spending so much time getting ready everyday, I will probably save around 1-2 hours each day.

And since I won’t be working my day job, I will be able to give my freelancing my 100% focus, and I think I will be able to complete tasks much quicker. Working at 1 a.m. like I usually do is just not when I am the best at what I do. I am half asleep trying to complete stuff which means that everything takes longer!

I can work with my dogs in my lap

Who wouldn’t want this? I love my pups! Eventually within the next couple of years we will start having children as well, and working from home is my ideal situation. Work-at-home mom for the win!

Would you ever want to work from home? Why or why not?



Positives of Working From Home — 42 Comments

  1. I love working from home and hope I never have to go back to a traditional workplace. I love that I can control my own schedule/earnings and be with the kids all day. After 10+ years at home, I can’t imagine having someone tell me what to do with my days! Can’t wait for you to experience that same freedom, Michelle. πŸ™‚

    • Wow that’s awesome that you have worked from home for so long! Definitely gives me inspiration and motivation πŸ™‚

  2. Really enjoy working from home for those reasons you mention but also because it just allows me the freedom to make my own schedule around my family. I can wake up early get work done and go back to sleep if I choose or have breakfast with the family. Its a lot different though in our cases. You will be working from home with your own business. I have a few friend that work from home for their company and they don’t enjoy the freedom as much. Still waiting to hear the date you will be exiting the office life for the home life.

  3. I work from home and it’s awesome. There are some downsides to it like you mentioned, the lack of social interaction, but you can get that after the work day with friends/family. The nice thing is you can get up and start working right away if you want to get ahead. You can also take a nap if you want, proven to be a good productivity booster in the mid-afternoon slump. You are your own boss though, so staying motivated can be an issue as well. Good luck!

  4. I too am hoping to work from home in the near future! I think hubby and I are ready to start having kids in 1-2 years. I guess I grew up with a stay at home mom and would like to do the same for my future kids. This is my main motivation for WFH!

  5. I’ve been meaning to ask you this question…my wife is staying home as we just had a baby and eventually she might try to work at home. One concern is that being at home and not having more adult interaction may be drive her a little crazy. How do you deal with that? Thanks!

    • I plan on talking about the negatives next week πŸ™‚

      I get very little human interaction right now, so I don’t think working from home will be a problem. Luckily most of my friends are in social work or nursing so that tend to have odd schedules. Once I make the switch I will actually see everyone MORE πŸ™‚

  6. I love working from home when I can. This isn’t too often being that I work for a large corporation. The problem I run into is that the network is a lot slower at home, so it’s tough to get as much done. If I could do the exact same work in the same time, I’d love to be able to work from home all of the time.

  7. When I started my business, I worked exclusively from home and although I enjoyed it immensely, after a year, I missed ‘going to the office’. I missed the face-to-face interaction and just chatting with someone in the kitchen. I also found that I worked constantly because I never ‘left the office for the day’.

    I realized that I wasn’t so eager to work from home as I was to leave a job where I wasn’t completely happy and start my own business … I just didn’t understand it at the time.

    These days I work a few days a week from home and the rest at a shared office. The combination works beautifully for me.

    • I have almost no interaction at my work (I say hello and goodbye and that is it), so I don’t think I will miss it.

      That is great that you found what works for you! πŸ™‚

  8. Getting rid of the commute is something I would love to do. It’s minimum 30 minutes each way, but usually more like 40-60 and some days worse. It’s such a waste of time.

  9. So excited I found your other site. I swear I am not stalking you, I just enjoy your writing and I appreciate your values and honesty.

    I love working from home because if I feel like I am getting bogged down, I can just stop for a few minutes, get refocused and keep going. Or I can blast my music or a motivational speaker without getting weird looks LOL

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  11. My goal is to start working from home in 3 years. By then I hope (no-will be!) married and have a little person. I don’t want to work away from the house when I have a child. I am really sick and tired of people telling me how I should spend my day. I would like to work hard 3-4 days a week (like 10-11 hours) Then work fewer hours the remainder of the week. I live in Colorado and would like to go hiking, snowboarding, etc during the week when I’m not working. hehe. I also really, really, really hate commuting. Really.

  12. I really love the social interaction with people, but it is awfully hard to view my commute as anything other than wasted time. I read and I make the best of it, but still, there’s not a lot of options there.

    If I could work from home (even some days of the week) and eliminate my commute, there would be a nice bump in productivity for me.

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