Reboot Your Career, Reboot Your Life

Nuestras carreras son en lo que generalmente basamos nuestras vidas. La ubicación en la que vivimos y los amigos con los que interactuamos a menudo dependen del tipo de trabajo que tengamos. Por ejemplo, si trabaja en una empresa de desarrollo de software, probablemente tenga un grupo de amigos que sean conocedores de las computadoras y les encanta jugar con las computadoras. Si trabajas como artista, lo más probable es que trabajes como autónomo o como parte de una empresa más grande y probablemente tengas un estudio en casa donde puedas dibujar, pintar y ser creativo.

Sin embargo, hay momentos en nuestras vidas en los que desearíamos poder reiniciar nuestras vidas. Ojalá pudiéramos dejar nuestro trabajo y comenzar de cero con una nueva carrera, o desearíamos haber elegido una disciplina diferente cuando estudiamos en la universidad. Estas situaciones de crisis de la mediana edad no son infrecuentes, pero rara vez actuamos sobre ellas. Afortunadamente, si somos capaces de dar el paso y encontrar algo nuevo para lograr o trabajar en la vida, no solo estaremos mejor, también estaremos reiniciando nuestras vidas de manera efectiva.

Aléjate y encuentra una nueva vida

Una de las formas más drásticas de reiniciar su carrera es buscar casas en venta en otro lugar. Podría ser otra parte de la ciudad, otra ciudad, un estado diferente o incluso el extranjero en un país diferente. Cuanto más lejos esté la ubicación, más lejos estará de su vida anterior. Por ejemplo, si te mudas a una casa que está a solo un par de millas de distancia, entonces no tienes muchas excusas para cambiar de trabajo y seguirás interactuando con los mismos amigos. Sin embargo, si te mudas a otra ciudad, las visitas de amigos y familiares serán mucho más escasas y tendrás que buscar un nuevo trabajo a menos que quieras viajar varias horas al día.

Encuentra algo que te guste hacer

Antes de decidirte por un cambio de carrera, debes intentar pensar en lo que te hace feliz en la vida . Piensa en cuando eras joven y en lo que te hizo reír de alegría con tus amigos. ¿Estaba jugando videojuegos? Entonces, tal vez una carrera en el diseño de videojuegos sería adecuada, y puede encontrar formas de incorporar su carrera en la nueva. Por ejemplo, como diseñador de software, no lleva mucho tiempo transferir sus habilidades al desarrollo de juegos. Si anteriormente fue un artista, formar parte de un equipo de arte para un estudio de videojuegos o un artista conceptual sería una excelente opción.

Como otro ejemplo, si te encantaba explorar cuando eras joven, quizás podrías conseguir un trabajo como especialista en exploración para una empresa de energía, o podrías comenzar una carrera en blogs de viajes. Todo lo que necesitas es algo de dinero, una forma de blog y una cámara, luego puedes irte a la naturaleza, grabar tus aventuras y tomar fotografías para mostrárselas al mundo. Bloguear es una carrera difícil, pero también ofrece libertad.

Changes You Can Expect From the Trump Tax Reform

Changes You Can Expect From the Trump Tax Reform

Virtually every year, tax laws and guidelines change. While that is a given, even more change can be expected when a new administration takes over with a different political ideology from its predecessor. This can affect the way funds are collected and redistributed which, in turn, can affect what you will pay to the IRS or get back for a refund. Beginning in 2019, you may notice changes from trump tax reform enacted in 2017.

Impact on Average Taxpayers

The main takeaway from the new tax policies is that average taxpayers will likely only see minimal overall benefits regardless of the changes if any unless you are the top 1% of households who will likely see benefits within the next several years. With tax brackets redefined, if you compare your projected rates from even a year ago, you can see that not only is there an increased range for each bracket, but the percentages for each level have also been reduced. While this may seem like it may translate to higher gains, that is not necessarily the case. For example, since itemized deductions and personal exemptions are no longer applicable, any gains from tax bracket updates will be less noticeable when it boils down to the overall dollar amount. This may be similar to what small business will experience.


Another significant difference is the changes in deduction terms. Some of these include:

  • Numerous miscellaneous deductions from previous tax year eliminated
  • Itemized deductions only accepted for those living in disaster areas designated by the president, and for members of the armed forces
  • All personal exemptions have been eliminated
  • Standard deduction has almost doubled
  • No more deductions or reporting of alimony
  • Increase in child tax credit, and a new $500 credit for qualifying adult dependents
  • Estate tax exemption doubled
  • The threshold for medical expenses decreased to 7.5% from 10%
  • Deductions for state and local taxes now capped at $10,000


Impact on Businesses

On the flip side, if you are the owner of a larger business, the new tax plan is likely in your favor. With political leanings traditionally in favor of businesses, it’s no surprise that the tax reform is good news for those who fall in this category. For example, the corporate alternative minimum tax will no longer apply, and instead of a sliding scale used in previous years, corporate tax income is now a flat rate of 21% compared to 35%.


Another Notable Change

Those with education accounts will see some changes. The new tax plan allows for more flexibility in some types of student loans. For example, the discharged student loan debt due to disability or death is will not be categorized and taxed as income anymore. Also, 529 plans can now cover educational expenses for primary school as well instead of just higher education.


Check for Yourself

To get a better understanding of what numbers to expect, there are a variety of resources that can help you to do that even before sitting down to officially calculate your taxes. Whether you are doing your taxes yourself or enlisting the help of an accounting professional, it can be helpful to get a few estimates before your final submission. Consider online calculators that factor in these new changes if you are tackling your taxes on your own. Or, before submitting to a professional, free-to-low cost accounting software can give you figures that you can use to cross-check with your accountant.

The Lifestyle Changes That Lead To Financial Independence

There are many tips on saving money and investing it in the right places on this blog. But, ultimately, if you are seeking financial independence, it’s a simple question of making an overall change to your lifestyle. Some will be dramatic, others less so. But make no mistake about it – they will change your life for the better. Let’s take a look at some of the changes you will need to make if you want to secure your future, and enjoy stress-free finances.

Talk about money

It’s amazing that money is so important to every household, yet so few can speak about it without the situation escalating into argument territory. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that the number one reason for divorce is always down to finances. The trouble is, it is critical that you can talk with your partner – and your children – about money in a grown-up, adult way. And it’s all down to you – if you don’t talk about money, your problems won’t resolve themselves.

Move home

OK, so this is a biggy – but moving home can often cut significant costs if you play your cards right. Whether you are thinking of downsizing from houses to apartments or moving to cheaper areas, it’s worth your consideration. It’s not like you have to go far, either. Sure, everyone loves having the exclusive, high-end zip code. But when you can access all the same services a mile down the road – for significantly less – why pay more than you can afford? It’s a big step, of course – but imagine your lifestyle improvement if you could shave off $100-200 from your rental or mortgage each month.

Learn to cook

Cooking food yourself is far, far cheaper than buying pre-packaged meals or ordering takeouts every other night. I know it can be tough, as we are all working increasingly long hours and look for the convenient option. But you can cook up a few large meals and freeze them in advance for those busy days, and there are plenty of recipes for fifteen-minute dishes that are tasty, nutritious, and cost you next to nothing.

Get groceries delivered

Grocery stores are smart, and there is a lot of psychology at play from the second you walk through their doors. When you go shopping, there is a good chance that you will end up spending way more than you were planning, on products that you don’t need – or, maybe, want. The good news is that if you live in an area where you can get your groceries delivered, you will never have to deal with all that temptation. Just draw up your shopping list, and reorder when you need it. It will save you a lot of wasted money – and wasted food.

Ditch the brands

We all have our favorite brands – of course. But the truth is that there are cheaper alternatives for almost every product you can imagine. Favorite brands come with a kind of ‘tax’ – you pay for the brand name nearly as much as the product itself. But if you can find alternatives you will often find they are the same, bar the packaging. Again, it’s simple psychology at play, but looking elsewhere can save you thousands of dollars over the course of a year.