The Perks of Project Homes for New Homebuyers


Shopping for a new home is a great experience. Being able to visit new spaces and soaking up the impressions of previous owners who once occupied the space make touring each home a very different experience. Whether colourful paint on the wall gives us a glimpse into a previous owner’s whimsical style or whether landscaping for entertainment is the narrative of a family who spent their summers on the lawn, reinventing the space can be quite an adventure.

Alternatively, first-time home buyers can skip the adventure and create the home of their dreams simply by going with a project home. A project home is simply one based on a model home, sales brochure, or a repeatable design suited to the owner’s needs. As one of the many options that simplify the home-buying process, a project home provides prospective homeowners with the chance to customise their homes and has become quite popular in Australia.

Let’s take a closer look at just some of the perks of purchasing a project home in Australia.

Environmental Factors

As one of its flagship cities, Sydney is a great example of why the project home works. Project home builders in Sydney can help homeowners take a little more control of where they actually build their home. Alternatively, when searching for a new home that has already been built, you might encounter homes that are situated in prime locations in the residential area, or conversely, an end house that sits on a major street. By going with a project home, prospective homeowners can potentially find themselves also benefiting from yard space that meets their needs.   

Avoid Expensive Renovations

Because the home is being built with your suggestions, you avoid having to make additional renovations that could work out to be quite expensive. Many people who purchase a home spend a lot of time weighing the benefits and disadvantages of walking into a home that might meet their budget but not exactly their tastes. By the time a homeowner finishes remodelling or updating their new home, they will have spent a fortune, and while the investment pays off eventually, these changes are an additional expense worth considering. Homeowners totally avoid making costly renovations when choosing a project home over one that has already been constructed.

Personalised Touch

A project home provides homeowners with the opportunity to customise their space. Of course, the home’s design is based on a model, but homeowners can modify the home to meet their own needs. As the floor plans are drafted, homeowners can exchange features to make the space speak to your personality and tastes.

Ownership Of Home Design

Choosing to go with a project home has other intrinsic rewards as well. For one, building a home through a project manager gives you the chance to learn about construction, at least on a smaller scale. Being in on the discussions related to the construction of your home, in many ways, allows new home buyers to take ownership of not only the purchase, which is what usually happens, but also with the construction as well.

Unique Features

Finally, the home is a unique design completely based on your needs. Ultimately most homeowners at some point will sell their space, and these quaint modifications to the structure can be very attractive to buyers. With a project home purchase, you have the freedom to design a space that includes these features.

Project Home Rewards  

The project home might be more expensive than homes that have already been built, but there are many advantages to these purchases. With more freedom to design the space, new homeowners might find the space one in which to grow. Finally, the home can really be a project that helps you build a space that defines you from the ground up.

The 5 Sound Investments To Make

Nowadays, it can be hard to guarantee a secure and profitable return on any investment that you make. The market fluctuates too quickly in some cases for it to be possible and assured. With that said, there are still 5 main things which are retaining their value and seem to be more certain in terms of their financial holding power than a lot of other things.



Getting into the property management game can be hard work. There are a lot of real estate offers up for negotiation currently, and bagging a good deal is part of the luck of the draw. If it is your first time investing in a property, buying to let is probably your best option. The rental market is booming currently, an there will always be queues of people waiting to move into a home. Ensuring that you are buying a house that needs minimal work is a safe way to start. If you are looking to buy a property to refurbish and sell again, it needs to be remembered that this is something that takes time and extra finance to get sorted.



Gold is money. It’s as simple as that. Other metals are selling for almost as much, but gold is the constant that just keeps on giving. There are markets online which sell bullion for set prices which are fluctuated by the value as determined by the shares and stocks of that day, so what you may pay one day is not necessarily the same as you would pay another. Some offer an email service to tell you when it goes below a certain price, should you wish to wait for that price to crop up, but otherwise it’s just a game of luck. Every few years there is a bit of a gold rush where the price hikes itself back up to a reasonable figure, but it’s just about waiting for that to happen. If it doesn’t happen for a while, then it shouldn’t matter too much – you still have the gold sat there as an investment for the future. It could be made into jewellery to further increase the value.



Such as the value of gold is open to fluctuation, so is that of precious jewels. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires – you name it, there are people out there in the world wanting to buy it. Again, like the gold, there are sites online available for you to purchase the raw stones with the prices determined by weight/carats. Choosing to invest in this to sell on is a game of luck, but if you keep your eyes on the market that are into buying these gems, and notice the trends of the sellers, you may just be able to pick up on a few hints and tips to see you through.


Business Fundings

Business is tricky. There are always going to be people who put their all into their business ventures and end up losing it. It’s just the way the world works, unfortunately. No matter how much effort and time an individual can put towards something that they truly believe in, chances are that unless they’re serendipitous with timings and what they’re marketing, it won’t take off. So why should you be investing your money into funding businesses? Well, it’s not the startups that you are looking for – save your seat in Dragon’s Den just for now. You can help somebody set up an already sound and recognised franchise, or put your money into a company that is doing well and has done for some time. It doesn’t have to be a flutter of chance – you can sit and make the most well-informed decision with this, with proof of opportunity hopefully being presented to you with previous year’s accounts.



A lot of people have lost faith in bonds over the years, mainly because they’re expecting to see a fast return on their investment. This is not what bonds do – you’ll be lucky to make an amount to boast about over a couple of decades – but your money will be safe. It is an IOU of sorts, and the majority are for a fixed period with a fixed interest rate. This is especially good if you are not sure of your financial stability for the future; lending a government or bank the money that you have right now means that you will not be able to spend it. It’s just about whether you can wait for it to be returned back to you.

Development Plans Are Plummeting In The US

With everything that’s going on in the US at the moment, with Trump causing chaos around the word, and terror attacks are a daily threat, it’s hard for people to understand that there are smaller threats. Such as the fact mortgage rates have risen by 3.83% recently, and development companies are struggling to build do to the lack of people being able to buy. Yes homelessness is becoming a crisis in the US. People simply aren’t able to afford the cost of living.

One state that is falling victim to the is San Francisco Bay. The crisis is so bad there, people are trying desperately to sell and move. But with people having little money due to mortgage rates and living costs being so high, it’s proving difficult for them to do. Those are fortunate enough to have a lot of money, are choosing to leave state, or even countries through companies like Enness International. Although you can get some incredible real estate in the US, the constant threat and financial issues just aren’t worth it to some, some countries are just much more stable.

With US housing creeping up to a 12 month low, it’s no surprise the US housing and urban development secretary is being put under enormous pressure by the rest of the government to try and get it under control. With the recent tragic hurricane Harvey, this might prove easier said than done. Thousands have been left homeless, with many family homes being completely destroyed. The financial rebuild of this will be exponential. Despite this, the people of Houston have been warned to expect housing prices to become more expensive due to the devastation this caused. This will be crippling for most families, as beforehand the state was reasonably afford to. It’s estimated a large amount of families will be relocating out of state in the hope for better living costs.

Cash is being flooded into some developments to try and salvage developments that are financially drained. In a lot of cases, a housing development will begin, the prices of mortgages keep rising, nobody puts offers on the property, so the development falls through. This in turn costs companies hundreds of thousands. However, this has all changed for a development company in Detroit. Mayor Mike Duggan has finally chosen a team of developers, and flooded $6M into a development of an old school into a block of apartments. He has stated cost of buying will be around 60% of the general income per person of the area. This is a huge drop from other states in the US, with states such as Miami’s living costs being a considerable amount higher.

So, the housing development issues in the US are really at an all time low at the minute. With many factors listed above contributing to this. Many people are looking to the secretary of housing and development to at least improve the situation rather than watch it crumble. Hopefully the coming years will see a drop in mortgage rates and living costs, and a rise in development plans to help the homeless crisis, and the natural disaster crises that keeping shocking the country.