About To Take Up a Trade? Check That You Have The Right Insurance

If you have finished all of your training and are about to step into the career path of a tradesmen, or perhaps just want to start learning a new trade, you may need to consider whether or not you have the right insurance to cover you if there are any potential accidents. Don’t take a risk and instead keep yourself out of harm’s way by finding the best insurance for you and your work.

Tradesman Insurance

If you are looking for the perfect insurance to suit your trade, you need to be able to find a no obligation insurance quote comparison for tradesmen, which will allow you to personalise your insurance so that it fully fits any vulnerabilities in your business model. When it comes to your work, your clients expect a high a standard, whether that is fixing or building parts of their home or even just working on a public community project.

However, what they underestimate is how hazardous working in this field truly is. With over 64,000 non-fatal injuries happening to trade workers each year in the UK, your policy must be tailored to suit your own needs. So be sure to go online to compare different quotes from your intended insurers. When you find one you approve of, then be sure to barter with them to see if you can gain more benefits or a cheaper cost. If you have a proven track record of keeping safe whilst on a job, then your insurer may choose to lower your insurance cost even further.

Liability Insurance Types

Whether you are a sole tradesman or work under a company, if you want to make sure that you are fully covered by your insurance, you should be looking into these three types of liability cover:

• Public Liability Insurance

This insurance is extremely useful if you are looking to protect your business from any potential claims that arise from accidental injuries that occur to a customer, or if a member of the public is in a future accident in connection with the work you undertook. Whether this is simply by slipping over your equipment or through a maintenance malfunction, this insurance can make sure that any claims against you can be taken care of without causing you a financial problem for you and your company.

• Employers’ Liability Insurance

This insurance is a legal requirement for any tradesman, due to UK law, and if you do not get it after you have started employing any additional tradesmen in your team, then you could be fined up to £2500 pounds per day. Employers Liability Insurance will protect you against any claims from your employees if they become injured or fall ill due to work. This can be onsite or off site, and even from your former employees.

• Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance will cover your business just in case your clients accuse you of damage or incorrect advice that has caused them to lose their money whilst investing in a new project. No matter what sort of accident happens, you should also keep an Accident Book to ensure that the same mistake.

Good Money? Nice Life? Here Are The Three Places You Should Be Looking At!

When it’s pouring with rain and the house prices have gone up again while you enjoy a salary freeze, the grass can seem an awful lot greener on the other side. Emigration may not have been something that you have ever considered before, but when you feel stuck in a rut with your job and your finances are doing a nosedive, it’s only natural to look around and see where you could thrive elsewhere. When you look at your family, there are two things that you could want more than anything; good money and a nice life. You want to up your earning potential, so that the salary freeze that you’ve been frustrated about for years will end. You want to be able to give your family the nice life that they deserve and sometimes that means upping sticks and going abroad. The cinch? Knowing where on earth to go that will give you what you want. Financially, you need to consider all the costs of moving abroad and you need to give yourself a reality check while you’re at it to ensure you really will be better off.

So, where in the world can you go to get a nice life and have a far better income than you do right now?

Switzerland. For years, Switzerland has been cited as the best place to find a well-balanced lifestyle of a higher quality than the one you have right now. You can find the right career prospects while enjoying a healthy salary, and it’s a fantastically well-balanced place for families to grow up. It’s a place where expats have a lot of faith in the economy and it’s exactly why it’s a booming one!

Monaco. It’s one of the smallest places in the world, but it’s one that enjoys 300 days of sunshine every year and the residents benefit from no income tax, wealth tax or capital gains tax. Finding the right help with relocating to Monaco doesn’t have to be difficult, and knowing that you are moving your family somewhere with more cameras and policemen per capita, you can be safe in the knowledge your family is safe.

Japan. Working in Japan is an experience not many will ever get to have. The infrastructure, the nature in the islands and the amazing quality of life that can be found in Japan makes for an enormously appealing place to go. Expats can enjoy amazing salaries while enjoying new and exciting experiences, not to mention the food is just fantastic.

These three countries are just the tip of the iceberg for expats, and there are so many places that you can choose from for your family. Professional expats tend to earn more abroad than in their own home country, and you are more coveted if you are lucky enough to be picked up by a company abroad. Take the time to do your research and you can choose the perfect location to start all over again with your family.

How Much Do You Really Have To Spend To Sell Your Home?

Selling your home can be exciting, especially if you’re moving somewhere new. Most people can get a little too caught up with seeing dollar signs in their eyes, and fail to consider how much they’ll actually have to spend to sell their home. Home sellers tend to pay their listing agent around 6% of the price of their home, but this can vary depending on who you work with. So if you were to sell your home for $250,000, they will get around $15,000 of the sale. It’s best not to start mentally spending the money you’ve earned until you’ve taken all of these things into consideration.

What Is Real Estate Agent Commision?

Providing you’ve chosen a great real estate agent, it’s highly unlikely you’re getting ripped off. However, a lot of agents don’t explain why they ask for what they ask for. Many agents don’t have a salary, so this money goes for the time they spent marketing the house, things like photographs, signs, and paying for the sites that the home was listed on. If your house doesn’t sell, then the agent doesn’t get paid either. They lose out on costs and don’t get paid for the time they spent on it. It can be a rough ride for them!

Closing Costs For Sellers

It’s also worth thinking about closing costs for sellers. Around 2% of the money made on your home will usually go on this. They are usually fixed costs that include taxes, expenses, notary fees, and things like this.

Going For Reinvention or Renovation

Something you’ll need to consider is whether you’re going to simply show your home in its best light, or renovate it in an attempt to make more money. Hiring a remodeling contractor can be a good choice if your home isn’t in the best condition, but you need to think about the things that are really worth your while. Let’s say you want to improve the look of your backyard by adding an outdoor deck. This can be attractive, as it creates a great place to entertain and makes the place look more attractive. It’s fairly cheap to complete, averaging at just over $10,000. However, you may only see an 82% return on your investment.

Selling Your Home Yourself

With these things in mind, some people decide that they should sell their home themselves in order to sell money. However, you’ll still need to pay the buyer’s agent’s brokerage fee if you do this. You might think that you’ll save money, but when you look at the situation objectively, it’s unlikely you’re going to save any money doing this. It’ll also be more stressful, take more time, and you may even get a lower price for your home. You likely have limitations when it comes to your expertise, so think about it carefully before you decide to sell your home yourself. This will be one of the biggest things you sell in your life, so it’s not worth cutting corners in an attempt to save a miniscule amount of money, if any.

Hopefully, you now have some ideas about how you should be selling your home and what you really need to spend to get it done properly!