Why the New Samsung Galaxy S8 Is More Affordable Than You Think

You might be intimidated by the idea of buying a brand-new smartphone due to its cost. Indeed, paying top dollar for a phone that might depreciate in value can deter people from getting a new phone upon its release. Consumers can also face obstacles with the yearly upgrade cycles pushed by phone manufacturers. The Samsung Galaxy S8 can change those fears: Learn about some reasons why the new Samsung Galaxy S8 can fit well within your budget.

Take Advantage of Financing Options

Are you someone who prefers to save up for everything you buy? If so, this great strategy can serve you well in most cases, but this approach won’t work with a smartphone. Smartphones are constantly evolving with technology, and their prices evolve as well. Even though you may not be impressed with flagship phone specifications, you’re still better off buying a high-end phone for longevity. By the time you save up enough money to buy the phone, you’ll be stuck with an inferior device that won’t last as long as one from the top of the smartphone release cycle.

You don’t deal with added interest when you finance a Samsung Galaxy S8 through a wireless services provider such as T-Mobile. Instead, the phone gets offered to you at full retail price or the option to finance. If you choose to finance, you’re financing the retail price less a deposit, and each payment you make goes toward the principal with no added interest. You make payments for two years, but you don’t pay a penalty for prepayments on the phone.

Save Money With High-Value and Low-Cost Service Plans

Cellular service used to subsidize the cost of the phone with the plan. This approach made cell phone plans expensive, especially if you wanted an all-inclusive plan to prevent overage charges. But when you buy a Samsung Galaxy S8 and get a phone plan that fits your budget on T-Mobile’s reliable network, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a lot. T-Mobile recently purchased a large block of the wireless spectrum, which means cellular signals reach farther than before, enabling you to use your Samsung Galaxy S8 just about everywhere you go.

Don’t Wait for a Phone to Drop in Value

Some phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 don’t suffer from a major loss in value over time. Plus, you’ll have a harder time finding new stock the longer you wait to buy. You could pay close to brand-new pricing for a phone that’s used or refurbished. While that idea says a lot for the quality and desirability of the phone, you’re stuck with an older phone that’s on its second owner and isn’t as good as it was when the device was new. Think about this example: You buy an older phone from a private party and the phone was never refurbished. You’re now dealing with shorter battery life and a processor that may not perform as well due to varying environmental factors. 

Start fresh with a brand-new phone so that you can enjoy its features without worrying about a bad rebuild or hidden damage. You also get satisfaction when you know that a phone that works the way it’s supposed to and won’t suffer from a loss of performance due to age.

Understand That Quality Specs Translate to Device Longevity

When you buy a new phone such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, you get the best of the best available at the moment. And that quality build pays off over time due to the high-end specifications. While you’ll find that buying the phone when it’s released is more expensive, you get value for the phone in the form of years of use. Even if you’re paying the phone off over time, you’ll still have a phone that stays working for at least another year if not longer. 

When spending a large amount of money, you naturally want to make calculated decisions. But you can get satisfaction with a new device like the Samsung Galaxy S8 without paying out-of-pocket expenses when you take advantage of financing options that can make this phone an affordable purchase.

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