Out Of New Ideas For Articles and Blog Posts?

2987926396_87eb3c3494_zA few months ago, Wes told me he was interested in starting a blog of his own.

We finally bought the domain name the other day, and he already has a few blog posts in the works. He’s had many questions about blogging, and one question that he keeps wondering is how a blogger comes up with blog post ideas.

He didn’t really know where to start, and he didn’t know how people could blog for so long and continually come up with new article ideas.

I won’t lie, there are many days when I sit down to write a post and I just cannot do it to save my life.

However, over the past few years, I have become much better at this. I have over 1,000 published posts on Making Sense of Cents alone, and I still have a few hundred ideas in my notes as well.

Here are my tips to keep the ideas and posts flowing whether you are a brand new writer or you have been writing for years:

Use questions you receive from readers.

Some of my favorite posts have come from ideas I’ve received from readers. Sometimes I receive an email, sometimes a tweet, or sometimes a reader will comment and ask me to expand on a topic.

This is a great way to think of new blog post ideas. You could even create a survey or directly ask your readers if they have any questions they would like you to answer. I’m sure there is something!

Use questions you have had yourself.

I’m sure there have been times where you have Google searched a question you’ve had. Maybe you dived in and completely researched the topic. If this is the case, then you may have a great blog post idea right here.

You know the saying that if you have a question, then others probably do as well?

Well, that’s true! I’m sure there are others who have wondered your very same question.

Think about your life experiences.

One thing I love about have a personal finance blog is that it’s PERSONAL. I can write about whatever I want, and that’s what I always do.

Many of my blog posts on MakingSenseofCents relate directly to my life and what I’m currently going through. These can be positive, negative, boring, fun, and more. It’s whatever I want them to be.

For example, the other day I published the post Easy Ways I’m Currently Saving $1,200 Each Month. This post is all about how I’m saving money in my life right now and that’s how I thought about the idea.

Also, I’m a nerd. Whenever something “interesting” happens, I almost always write it down because it may have the possibility of turning into a blog post.

Have a running list of possible post ideas.

For me, it would take a very long amount of time for me to run out of ideas. I have ideas both in my phone and on my laptop.

My phone is full of ideas I’ve thought about on the go or right before bed (I get a lot of my ideas then). My laptop is full of ideas from when I sit down and try to have a brainstorming/research session.

I probably have a few hundred ideas, which is something I am proud of. While I am not too far ahead when it comes to actually writing these posts, it is nice to know that I have possibilities for when the time comes.


Do you ever feel like you are out of article and blog post ideas?

What do you do to overcome this feeling?


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Out Of New Ideas For Articles and Blog Posts? — 16 Comments

  1. This is something I’ve realized over the past few months… When it is flowing, I need to take advantage of my creativity and topic ideas. Right now I am scheduled for a few weeks with the editorial calendar lined up until the end of September. That’s HUGE for me. I’ve also been starting to create a post with just the title and to do a one line brainstorm in my drafts. That way I can line everything up to see how it falls.

    This is not my norm, but I love not being quite so stressed about writing the evening before my posting schedule. But if you’re starting it, knowing it will be a business (as I assume Wes is), it’s feral to have a lot of content already lined up and ready to do. I wish I had done that.

  2. I’m amazed that you have over 1000 posts. That’s an accomplishment for sure! I mostly wonder how freelance writers can come up with new ideas constantly when they are writing for multiple websites AND their blogs.

  3. I have a notebook full of ideas. It will be a while for me to run out. Also blog topics seem to come to me at the weirdest times, so I also put a lot in my phone as well.

  4. I have ideas or shells started, but whenever I go to complete them, they kind of don’t grab me anymore. Thus I’m often starting from scratch for each post and I kind of hate that. I get ideas when I take a bath and I need a way to figure out how to write them down so I don’t forget and they get all wet! ha ha

  5. I have struggled once or twice when I haven’t scheduled some in my blog calendar.. Once I schedule them in I am able to make sure I commit to writing on that topic. I do like the idea of having questions from readers though, this is fulfilling two things having content up on your blog and writing something that readers find useful 🙂

  6. I have TONS of ideas of posts for my own blog (because it is personal) but I struggle to find topic ideas for freelance posts or guest posts (because it’s less personal).
    I do have a running list of ideas, but I also have a bad habit of sitting on an idea for too long that it either becomes irrelevant or no longer something I want to write about.

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  9. My problem is that I write so many posts for other blogs that I don’t feel like posting on my own blog. lol

    I’ve learned to be full of ideas because when you’re freelance writing you have to be!

    And if I’m ever completely stumped I just start reading other blogs. I don’t copy their titles but if I disagree with one of their posts I can put my own angle on it and make it completely my own.

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