My Plan To Work And Travel

My Plan To Work And TravelWe’ve finally decided where we will be traveling for our semi-long trip.

We will be flying into China and spending around 2 – 3 days (but not more than that because you need a visa after 72 hours!), then we will be flying to Phuket and traveling in that area.

We will be spending a little less than 30 days in Thailand. After Thailand we plan on flying to Bali and spending around 25 days there. After Bali we will be flying to Seoul and spending a few days there until we catch our flight home.

Just saying all of that makes me tired! No, I’m not complaining about traveling, I just really need to create an action plan so that I can successfully work while traveling.

I am so happy that I can work entirely from my laptop and can travel as I work. It feels like a dream because I never even thought that I would be able to take a two month trip.

I plan on doing as much as I can before I leave.

I have a very long list of article ideas for all of my blogs, and definitely enough ideas to have enough content on my sites while I am gone.

This way, while I am gone I won’t have to worry about content as much. I will still write articles while I am gone, but the majority of it will be covered because I plan on writing them this month. This will save a LOT of time. I have several sites now and having to worry about writing and editing would take a lot of time while traveling.

Since all ofย my blog tasks will be ready to go, I will have much more time to focus on clients and providing my services.

I still plan on working full-time while I am traveling, it will just be in a different country!

Dedicate time to work while traveling.

We will be staying mainly in Thailand and Indonesia for most of our trip, which means that we won’t be spending a ton of time traveling. We plan on buckling down in each place for a little bit so that I can have plenty of time to work as well.

I will probably wake up a little earlier to get things done and work at night so that I can be on the same time schedule as clients.

I need internet.

Of course I need to make sure that I have reliable wi-fi. I have made sure that every hotel that I contact has good wi-fi. Yes, I do realize that some may exaggerate with how good their wi-fi is. However, it’s better for me to choose a hotel that has wi-fi than a hotel that doesn’t have any at all!

What tips do you have to work and travel at the same time?



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  1. Your trip sounds so exciting, and I can’t believe you’re still going to take care of business while you’re away (though no surprise). Have a blast, Michelle!

  2. Wow sounds like an AMAZING adventure. I would really love to see Bali. I keep thinking Eat. Pray. Love haha. It sounds like you being smart by getting as much done in advance as possible. I hope you are able to find time to do lots of fun things while on your trip!

  3. We went on a beach vacation last year and I made sure that the wifi was reliable ahead of time. However, it wasn’t working when we arrived. I had to call and freak out for them to send someone to work on it. Even then, I spent part of the time without reliable wifi.

    Since then, I ask if the wifi works well at least 5 times. It’s too important not to!

  4. Did you spend a while researching the laws of working in other countries? Is that how you decided on the ones you did? I know England is particularly picky about earning money while staying there, even as a traveler. No clue on other countries. Just curious how you looked into that because I wouldn’t know where to start!

  5. Can you feel my jealousy coming across through the billions of 1’s and 0’s that make up the internet? lol. Make sure you have proper plugin adapters for your laptop and a spare battery. Two things a lot of people seem to forget for some reason when they travel out of country. Hope you have an awesome trip as it sounds like it will be one amazing adventure!

  6. I cannot wait to see your pictures from this adventure. That is a part of the world I find visually stunning, yet haven’t been there yet. Maybe your photos will be the push I need to make it happen.

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  9. Work in the early mornings. People don’t usual stir early when on vacation. If your up making the coffee you’ll have some peaceful time to work and don’t have to sacrifice fun or family time.

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