Moving to Summerville – How to Adjust to the Change

It is never fun to have to say goodbye to someone who is moving away. My best friend recently moved to Summerville, South Carolina with her husband and daughter to accept an exciting job offer at Boeing. While I was sad to see her go, at least these days, it’s easy to stay in touch through email and Facebook. Plus, she’s too darned skilled to be stuck here!

The adjustment process

For her, the adjustment has been somewhat difficult – any move is stressful, and complications always arise. She’s been a bit homesick and misses her friends. Lately, she has been doing a lot better, especially after a few friends came to visit.

One of her best strategies for adjusting to the move was to try and learn as much about her new home as possible. She read up on the local history and checked out all the best restaurants. Summerville has a charming, historic downtown area with beautiful parks and delightful shops. There’s a fantastic farmers’ market, with live music and tons of fresh, local produce, and lots of community events like fireworks on July 4th and the annual Flowertown Festival, the largest arts and crafts festival in South Carolina. I think she is starting to feel at home there!

Finding a new home in Summerville

My friend and her husband were a bit stressed about whether they would be able to find a nice house at a reasonable price, they were trying to find a new home in Summerville, but thankfully they discovered.  Like all parents, they were concerned with finding a home in a safe neighborhood with access to good schools. The Ponds is in a great school district, it has a YMCA on-site, and best of all, it is on a gorgeous, 1000-acre nature preserve, with miles of trails for hiking and beautiful lakes for fishing and canoeing. My friend is a serious nature buff, so having access to all these outdoor recreational activities was a huge bonus for her. Plus, it’s a short drive from the beaches and culture of Charleston. It’s the best of both worlds!  

Boeing’s new facility in South Carolina

Most people who think of Boeing think about airplanes, but Boeing also designs security, defense, and aerospace systems. In fact, they’re the country’s largest manufacturing exporter! Boeing’s new facility in South Carolina was a big influence on my friend’s decision to relocate. This site was Boeing’s first 100% renewable energy site. Up to 20% of their energy is supposed by 1800 solar panels (that’s over 10 acres!) that generate 2.6 megawatts of energy. In addition, Boeing South Carolina recently achieved Zero Waste-to-Landfill status. That means that no waste generated at the site ends up in a landfill! Being so into nature, environmental protection is obviously a very important issue for my friend, and she is excited to work at a company that takes this issue as seriously as she does. 

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