Money Worries: When Poor Health Means You Can No Longer Work

We go to school, college and university to study for the job we want. We start at the bottom of the career ladder, work our way up and make many sacrifices along the way. Whether it’s working late, missed special events, strained relationships- at one time or another most of us have put something on the line to ensure our success at work. And so when we can no longer work due to an injury or illness it can be devastating. As well as the emotional aspect there also finances to consider too- a drop in money and a change of lifestyle. If you’ve found yourself in this tough situation, here are a few things to consider.

Do You Have Any Savings You Could Use?

It’s always advisable to have some emergency savings, and if you do this situation will certainly be a lot easier. If the drop in income is due to something temporary- for example, your condition is likely to improve after treatment- using your savings allows you to keep up to date with your bills and keeps a roof over your head for the time being. However if the situation is more long term or even permanent, you may need to consider one of the options below.

Are You Entitled To Any Help?

Have you had to resign and permanently stop working due to an accident or illness? Perhaps you may get better in the future but are likely to be out of work for some time. You may well be entitled to money to live on from the government. Each country and area have a different way of doing things so you will need to research the kind of help that’s available out there and then get the ball rolling. If you’re unsure, or are having problems (such as being denied benefits when you know you should be entitled to them) you could speak to a social security disability attorney. They will fight your case for you and ensure you get access to the money you should rightfully have. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help, if you’re unable to work because of your health your country has a duty to look after you. It’s sure to be a drop in income compared with working full time, but means you won’t go hungry or lose your home.

Could You Earn Some Money From Home?

You might not be well enough to get to work each day, but a flexible job that you can do from home could be an option. When you freelance, you can control the number of projects and the amount of work you do, meaning if you have a bad day health wise you can simply choose to not take on any work. There are lots of freelancing sites online, and if you have a skill such as writing or designing these could be utilized to make you some money. You could even start a blog or Youtube channel, and once it picks up speed begin monetising it. Its something you can do from your bed or sitting at a desk so useful even if you’re not very mobile, and can help to keep you busy and productive. Losing your job can be a difficult time, coupled with feeling unwell and being bored stuck at home it can lead to further issues such as depression and anxiety. Being able to keep busy and earn a little extra income is likely to be beneficial from both a health and financial point of view.

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