Money Chasing: Why You Should Always Claim Money You’re Entitled To

We’ve all been there before. We pick up the phone, expect it to be a friend or family member calling, and we suddenly hear a voice that we’re not familiar with, asking us about an accident we’ve been in recently. But then you realise that you haven’t been in an accident and that it’s just a cold caller trying to get you involved in some elaborate scam where they milk money from your poor wallet. It’s easy to spot these kinds of scams now and thanks to calling protection, we don’t have to worry about repeat callers because we can just block them.

But have you ever thought about the money you are actually owed? For example, did you know that many accidents that happen can be made into a claim? Whether it’s your neighbour’s dog attacking you or an accident you had at work, chances are you can turn it into a personal injury claim with the help of a lawyer. But why would you do this? For starters, you don’t want to annoy your boss or your neighbours by suing them, and you probably don’t want to get involved with a lawsuit that you could potentially lose. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should chase down money that you are entitled to, and here are just a few.

Unable to reach a peaceful resolution

If your neighbour’s pets are constantly harassing you, the postman and random pedestrians, then you need to speak with them because it is a nuisance that should be dealt with. If they don’t do anything despite your warnings, then it’s only a matter of time before an accident happens or damages occur, such as the pets harassing the postman to a point the postman can’t deliver important letters.

In times like this, if you have suffered an accident or damages as a result of the pets that aren’t being kept properly, then you are not only doing yourself a favour by contacting a personal injury lawyer, but you’re doing your neighbours and the community a service by dealing with a nuisance.

If you overpaid, you should take your own money back

There are times when we overpay on things such as bills, rent or even taxes. It’s a good idea to make regular checks so you can determine if you have indeed paid extra on something. For example, you may be working on the wrong tax code due to a temporary change or mistake by your employer. As a result, you may be paying more tax than you should and you can easily make a claim to take it back.

If you feel like you’re overpaying on bills such as electricity or the phone, then you can request a check by your providers. This commonly happens when you’ve been with a provider for a long time and their systems cause an error when they move you from a tariff or plan that doesn’t exist anymore. You might get the extra features, but you might still be paying the old amount before the change.

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