Mistakes Made By Side Hustling Too Hard

380257543_1589b5caef_zAt one point, I was side hustling a little too hard.

I was attempting to do everything myself, sacrificing my work and personal life, all while working a 50 hour a week day job and managing my hustles on the side.

It was hard, and it led to quite a few mistakes. I have seen others side hustle too hard as well and that then led to their own mistakes as well.

Below I have listed different mistakes which may happen from side hustling too hard.

Taking on too much work.

The first mistake, of course, is taking on too much work. This may be where you are saying “yes” to every single client and offer that comes your way. This is a common mistake that many new freelancers make. You want to say yes and get all the experience you can get. However, this can lead to many other mistakes if you take on too much work.

Sacrificing quality.

There was a clear point in my life where I knew I had to quit my day job. I knew that if I side hustled any more, that something was not going to work out. Since I knew I enjoyed my side hustles so much, I knew that meant that my day job was going to suffer.

So, to be responsible, I knew I had to quit my day job. It was hard, but looking back, I know I made the right decision for me.

If you take on too much work, then your quality of work may decrease. This is a very realistic consequence of taking on too much in your life. There is only so much time in a day, so if you continue to take on a lot of work then your quality will eventually decrease in one area or another.

Costing yourself money because you think you can do it all.

In the beginning, it may be easy to do everything related to your side hustles all by yourself. However, eventually, you may need to hire things out. If you’re side hustling too hard, you may have completely forgot about this.

It is not realistic to think you can do everything yourself. You might think you are saving yourself money, but you may actually be costing yourself money. You may be costing yourself money by sucking at customer service (and customers leaving because of that), doing taxes yourself even though you are not a professional, trying to sell your product even though you do not have the correct sales skills, and more.

Hiring out can be very helpful because you can then concentrate on the areas in which you do best.

Feeling burnt out.

One big negative of side hustling too hard is feeling burnt out. You might start to hate your side jobs because you are doing too much of them.

This means that something that used to be a dream of yours may actually become something you despise.

Forgetting about your life outside of making money.

Side hustles can easily take over your life. If you have a lot going on, then you may forget to enjoy life. Life will start slipping through your fingers and you might forget about life’s important moments.

You need to take time and remember that life is not all about work. Schedule in down time if you have to. Whatever you do, don’t forget to have some fun!

Do you side hustle too hard? What do you think are the negatives of this?


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Mistakes Made By Side Hustling Too Hard — 22 Comments

  1. I remember when you were doing both . I was in awe of all the work you did at your day job your school load and then your side hustle.
    So glad you found a balance and that you didn’t burn out on the blogging. You have done so much for blogging and bloggers!

  2. I’m starting to learn the necessity of outsourcing.

    It’s actually pretty awesome! I get to focus on the high-dollar fun stuff while the VA can do the day-to-day!

  3. I’m in a very similar situation right now. I’m working too hard–but not efficiently enough and not on the right things. Like when I tell my son to hurry up and get dressed–he just moves his body super quickly and sporadically, but no actual getting dressed occurs. That’s what I feel like right now 🙂

  4. I definitely think it’s important to know your limitations and consider a balanced lifestyle so that YOU don’t become demotivated. Outsourcing is great if you have the option to do so but it’s important to remember you have a life to lead.

  5. I made the decision last month to turn down a freelance contract that although it paid well, it was going to take too much of my already jam packed schedule. Making money is great but I have other values like my family and health to consider in the equation.

  6. Been there, done that … I had such a rough time in 2009, when started my web design business (or took it more seriously, since losing my job). For 3 months I almost worked myself to death, but fortunately it was a short period.

  7. I feel I almost have to side hustle harder or figure out more effective ways to do so i.e. actually make some $$ from a side hustle.. How did you find you got started and it would be great to see a breakdown of where you are getting income from your side hustle?

  8. I don’t side hustle too much right now, but the little I do to build a side hustle, I notice is affecting my personal life. There are things in my life I need to prioritize, and side hustling is one of many. It’s all about keeping a balance! Thanks for this perspective, Michelle!

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  10. Being a freelancer, I have made the mistake a few times while working. I have found myself working late night , even on weekends, and almost forgetting to have some time with the family.

  11. I’ve done this before. The biggest problem that came from it was sacrificing quality. One thing I had to realize is that I can’t force myself to do things in ways that don’t feel natural to me. I think it’s really important to know yourself and set realistic expectations and goals.

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