The Meaningful Career Path: 4 Jobs Which Help People And Pay Well

Everyone who has a career wants to enjoy their job. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and having to drag your body out of bed. Not only is it stressful, but it is also depressing. The thing which stops most people from following a career path they love is money. Let’s face it; you have to pay the bills which means money takes on a greater importance. However, the truth is this doesn’t have to be the case. There are numerous jobs which are as well paid as they are rewarding. Below is a selection just to give you an insight.

Bail Bondsmen

When you think about a rewarding job, becoming a bail bondsman doesn’t spring to mind. But, think about it rationally for a moment. As Acme Bail points out, you get to give victims of the judicial system a chance for justice. Also, bail provides every defendant the opportunity to fight their case the best they can without being behind bars. For those who are guilty and skip bail, it is your job to track them down, return them to custody, and collect your money. For your troubles, the average wage begins at $25,000 but jumps to $75,000 and then $100,000 after a couple of years.


From one extreme to another, the median pay for a person in this field is $380,000. To put that into perspective, the average wage in the US is $80,000. Even when you take into account student fees, a neurosurgeon is in pocket by almost $200,000. Of course, the pay is excellent, but the job is one of the most rewarding, too. According to Forbes, there is a 97% job satisfaction rate in this field. Recent studies suggest 52% of Americans are unhappy at work, so this number is off the charts.

Senior Construction Manager

If you are hands on in another way, construction is the career to follow. Like neurosurgeons, the majority of managers love their job. In fact, the number is 100%. Yes, the same poll by Forbes found that every person in this field they asked felt the job was meaningful. After all, it is a position which allows you to bring your ideas to life. Regarding the pay, the money is less than being in neurology, but $125,000 is not an amount to take lightly. Indeed, it is $45,000 a year more than the national salary average.

Aircraft Test Pilot

Even if you didn’t know 91% of people thought the job was meaningful, you would guess it anyway. Although air travel is the safest form of travel, it comes with a lot of dangers. Therefore, every base needs covering before a plane takes to the sky. As the test pilot, you are responsible for ensuring the aircraft follows company procedures to the letter. Anything which is out of place needs recording and fixing because you are in charge of 100s of lives. To reflect this, the median salary is $120,000.

If you think you can’t have your cake and eat it, tell that to the construction managers and bail guarantors of the world.

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