Make a Mountain of Cash through Renting

Becoming a landlord and making the most of the buy-to-let market is a tantalising prospect for many people who wish to combine their love for renovating property and their love for generating income. If you have an interest in both of these activities, as well as an interest in mountains and mountaineering, then why not combine them all and invest in buy-to-let properties near a mountain range?

It makes practical sense as there is a big call for people wanting to relocate near to a mountain site. This is because of the fact that doing so mixes the opportunities to remain in a city-like environment, whilst still offering breathtaking views every morning as if you had in fact decided to up sticks and live off the grid. Living near a mountain may also be a big draw because of the fact that there is a huge, natural place to explore on their doorstep all year round and maybe even snowboarding opportunities during the winter months. There are also great health benefits to doing so too. For one, having a huge mountain looming over you day in, day out is going to be enough inspiration for anybody to want to get active; as well as this, science has concluded that spending so much time in high altitudes is a sure-fire way to lower the risk of obesity and fight heart disease, and you can’t argue with science.

So, if you’re looking for your next rental opportunity, or wanting to get on the rental ladder for the first time, then look no further than properties in areas that sit in front of a mountain. One of America’s favourite mountain towns is Asheville, North Carolina where there is a host of real estate on offer. If you wish to tap into the market that prospective buyers look to when they want to find the perfect temperature, all year round, then this is the place to look to as temperatures here never exceed 75 degrees. However, if you fancy locating your rental empire in a place with far more distinctive seasons, and building the foundations of it on a far flatter plane, then you wouldn’t go far wrong looking for houses in Meridian. It is the state of Idaho’s fastest-growing city, which means both that it is obviously a place that is growing in stature and reputation, and that you should move quickly if you want to snap up property in this area that is overlooked by the Owyhee Mountains in the south.

For all your would-be-landlords out there, there are still a host of things to consider before you become a landlord other than the location in which you will basing your rental empire. There are aspects such as mortgage, landlords’ insurance, stamp duty, tax, rates, management of property and registration fees to tackle. Ensure your profits don’t take a tumble by just focusing on the location of your property. For now, happy renting, and happy mountain climbing!

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