Living Without a Mortgage

Tiny houses

Living without the stress of a mortgage payment is the dream of so many Americans. A house is likely the most expensive purchase that you will ever make, and you make payments on it for decades. Entrepreneurs like Don Gayhardt understand the hard work and devotion required to quickly pay off your home. If you are truly determined, there are ways to live mortgage-free.

Build Your Own Home

It takes money to make money, and building your own home is by no means a small expense. To be sure you’re in control of every penny spent, consider crunching the numbers to see if it’s a cost-effective alternative for you.

  • Zoning, permits and local laws come into play anytime you’re building a structure. Research these front and back so that you’re not hit with any unexpected surprises later on in the process. This is to be your home, not a backyard treehouse!
  • You are given the freedom to plan and spend as you please while you’re building your own home, but remember not to cut corners when it comes to anything related to safety. You want your house to be built for generations.
  • Expecting the unexpected is the absolute thing to remember in any construction project. Things can easily go from great to terrible in a heartbeat, so be sure to have money set aside for those “just in case” emergencies.

Try a Tiny House

If you’re a single person or even a married couple with no kids, a tiny house might be in your best interests. Tiny houses are a hot new housing trend in America thanks to their affordability, but remember that the word “tiny” means exactly what it says. A tiny home is usually no bigger than 500 total square feet.

  • Whether you own property or not, tiny houses are oftentimes portable and can be towed from place to place. This means that you can travel to the country, but take your home with you.
  • Tiny houses are very cost-effective. Averaging at only $25,000 to $35,000 for the entire home, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars from buying a traditional house.
  • Living in one of these houses means serious downsizing. If you are a materialistic person with a lot of hobbies, this lifestyle might not be for you.

Pay Your Mortgage Twice a Month

House payments are so much money, but if you’re able to, it’s worth changing up the way that you pay for yours. Instead of making one large payment once a month, why not make two, twice a month? Seeing an amount of $600 is easier than seeing $1,200, and you might feel more comfortable making larger principal payments in smaller amounts. Adding $100 to half your mortgage payment feels less threatening than making a $1,200 payment into a $1,300 payment.

There are solutions to living without a house payment, and none of them are easy. Take the opportunities given to you as lessons in thriftiness and making your money stretch. One day you will achieve the dream of owning your home free and clear. Until then, work hard to make that dream a reality.

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