Legal Concerns You Must Deal with in Transportation

Legal Concerns You Must Deal with in Transportation

If you’re looking to start a transportation business, then you can’t afford to get yourself in legal trouble. There are a lot of areas in which you may find yourself lacking when it comes to the legalities! Make sure you’re prepared by checking out this guide.

Dealing with tax

Just like any other business, you need to register your business with the IRS correctly. Depending on what kind of transportation business you’re running, your tax codes may vary. For example, you may be liable to pay higher tax in certain states if you’re going to be transporting things out of that state. You may be eligible for certain tax breaks if you keep your business environmentally-friendly, though.

Licenses and certificates

Everyone who is operating the vehicles will, of course, need a driving license. That much is obvious. But are you sure everyone will have the right licenses? If they’re operating a car or a motorcycle, then your usual license will probably do. This “usual” license is called a Class A license. If they’re driving trucks and buses, they’ll need a Class B license! Drivers can work towards one through an Express CDL School. Certificates that ensure transportation safety may also be necessary in certain states.



Transporting goods or people without the proper insurance is never going to be a good idea! Again, you’ll probably need to check the specific insurance laws in your state. The kind of vehicles you’re driving and the things you’ll be transporting will also affect what kind of insurance you’ll need. Needless to say that if you’re transporting humans that you’ll be paying slightly higher insurance rates!

Safety concerns

Health and safety is vital in any workplace. But how much of the responsibility lies with the business owner of a transportation business when most of your employees aren’t actually in your office? Well, making sure there are safety rules that your drivers have to follow is your responsibility. Making sure the vehicles are properly maintained so as not to pose a safety risk to either the driver or the public is also your responsibility.


Interstate travel

If you’re going to be transporting goods or people across state lines, then you may have a bunch of new laws you need to start following. This is why you need to do a lot of research into the transportation laws of any state you’re going to be travelling to. When you start crossing state lines, you will be subject to new regulations. This often means that your own laws and vehicle features must be suitable for this sort of work, so that interstate travel can occur with minimum need to change things around.

The environment

The transport industry is hardly best buddies with environmentalists! The concern is pretty understandable, though. Running all those vehicles really doesn’t help with climate change! Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure you keep your business as clean as possible. Green transportation must be researched, not only for ethical reasons, but also because many states now have ‘green’ regulations for transport companies!

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