Keeping Nurses Happy (Without A Pay Rise)

assistants, those that work in ICU, all of them. It is one of the jobs that demand a lot from the moment they start their shift to the moment they finish for the night, all those hours later. That is why it is so important you look after the nurses that work in your medical business.

Of course, budgets don’t always allow for monetary rewards, which rules out the quickest fix there is. People who get paid more have justification for the effort they put in. However, having employees that love their job and take pride in what they do is just as powerful, and that is what you need to accept and work on.

So, without further ado, here are the best ways you can make the nurses in your business happier without offering them a pay-rise.

  1. Transparency Is King

Listening to your employee’s concerns is immensely crucial. But it is what you do with this information that is the most vital of all. That is where transparency comes in, You are giving your employees a forum to talk freely and then relaying what you can do to solve these issues. That is engaging. That fills people with confidence. That makes them feel important and cared about.

  1. The Equipment They Need

No employee is going to be happy if they have to continually use sub-standard equipment, especially in the medical profession. That is why you need to make sure you give them everything they need. It could be you invest in more comfortable uniforms, which is where these Landau scrubs details come in handy, or you could improve their computing software to make handling patient details easier, or it could be that you invest in state of the art equipment their department needs. All of this will improve morale. It will show you care.

  1. Vacation Time Is Very Handy

Not only will rewarding your top performing nurses incremental vacation days boost their happiness levels, it will also give the other nurses an incentive to work harder. It will tell those people that get to enjoy a few extra days off that you value their work and are confident they will still get their work done, even with more time away. That is a powerful statement and something people thrive off.

  1. Improve The Work-Life Balance

Nothing has become more important to people than a work-life balance. This idea of living for the weekend no longer resonates with people. They want more. Nurses want more. They want to feel like they are connected to the organisation they work for like they are having a difference like they are getting a positive experience that will enrich their lives. If you can let them work remotely from time to time, then great. If not, though, you need to create a working environment that they are happy working in.

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