How To Keep Busy During Slow Business Times

business is slow Office Desk PictureThe days and weeks around the holidays are usually when my business is slow. I know they are usually slow for some other businesses not related to retail as well.

These few weeks as a self-employed person can make a new self-employed worker unmotivated because of the possible lower income during these times.

However, even if work is slow, there are probably some things you can still do in order to stay busy so that you can continue to improve your business.

Just because your income may be lower does not mean that you should just completely give up (unless you want to take a break, of course).

Organize when your business is slow.

If you are like me, there is probably something related to organizing that you can do during slow business times. You might want to look into organizing any paperwork, organizing your emails, getting ready for tax season, or something else.

Since December is usually my slow business time, I usually have plenty of organizing I can do that is related to taxes. Even though I stay fairly organized throughout the year, there is usually something I can improve with my organization skills.

Send cards to clients and customers.

Whether it be the holidays or you know it’s a client’s business anniversary, you may have time to send out cards to them. This can be a nice little gesture that shows you are happy to have received their business. It doesn’t take long either. It would most likely just take a few minutes for each card.

For my old day job, we used to send out holiday cards to all of our clients, and we had around 1,000 clients. That was not a fun time each year! However, I know the clients appreciated it. Plus, for most small businesses, there are probably not as many clients.

If you don’t have time for cards, then just a simple email following up or seeing how an old client is doing is something you can do as well.

Brush up old work when your business is slow.

Currently for me, one thing I am working on is brushing up old blog posts since business is slow. If you have a blog for yourself or your business, then you might want to do the same.

I am going through my old posts, cleaning up old links, adding better images, and more. There are many more things I still need to do, but it’s nice having completed what I’ve done so far!

Work on your networking when your business is slow.

If you have a lot of free time when your business is slow, then networking is something that pretty much everyone can always spend a little more time on, especially if you need more business.

Improve your Pinterest skills, reach out to others on Twitter, schedule engaging posts on Facebook, and more.

Take a vacation when your business is slow.

Lastly, during slow times a vacation can be one of the best things.

This way you know that you are not missing out on any business, and you can mostly likely actually enjoy your vacation. I know many people who wait until their slow times to take their vacations.

How do you keep busy during slow business times?

When are your slow times usually (whether you own your business or if you work for someone else)?



How To Keep Busy During Slow Business Times — 13 Comments

  1. On one of the blogs I write for, I’ve made it a goal by the end of today to have all my January posts written, proofed, and scheduled. January in general is usually a pretty crazy month so I’m using December to get ahead! I love how your posts are always so useful. I think I’ll spend a bit of time on Twitter today, as well. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Luck is preparation meeting opportunity.

    Not sure where I heard that or to whom the quote can be attributed but it’s a phrase that always pops into my head when things are slow. It prompts me to think about those things I can do to position myself to grab an opportunity when it presents itself.

    I’m still learning how best to do this but it’s a place to start!

  3. I am using the time off my clients to work on my projects and also start new ones. It’s always a great time to organize my network and come up with new ideas.

  4. I’ve loved having a bit more time these past few weeks–it enabled me to think more broadly than just my next to do or my next post to write, which is refreshing. I’m with you on organizing, I can always find another thing (be it real or digital) to better organize 🙂

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  6. I love these ideas! I enjoyed the (relative) break over the holidays, though I did still work on things. Not as many things as I should have…will have to keep this post in mind for the next dry spell!

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