How to Make a Good Impression at a Job Interview


When you are preparing yourself for a job interview, most people advising you are probably focusing more on how to handle those tough questions by giving thorough and well-thought-out responses. That is okay because, actually, that’s the core of the interview in the first place. However, there is more: making a stellar first impression. See our tips below on how you can successfully do this:

1) Dress the Part

When you set foot into the interview room, your appearance will definitely play an important part in how the interview panel first perceives you. Showing up neatly dressed in a fine suit and scuff-less shoes presents you as both well put-together and professional. You can put together the outfit you need at an affordable price when you use coupons or take advantage of other special occasions.

2) Show-up Time Matters a Lot

It goes without saying that you must never be late for a job interview. It is even more important to you if this is your dream job! Make it a habit to always arrive early for your interviews and other formal engagements so that you get used to it. In case you find yourself in a situation where run late due to some unavoidable circumstances, be sure to inform your interviewers as soon as you possibly can.

3) Show Some Enthusiasm!

The reason why you were invited for this interview is because your prospective new employers believe that you are the right person for the job. So, show them that they actually made the right decision in calling you in! Prove that you can do the job better than those you are competing with in this interview. And remember not to be negative about your past or current employers or working conditions, because it can actually work against you terribly.

4) Everything should be Neat, Organized and Easily Accessible

When you get to the interview room, you should expect that during the first few minutes somebody is going to ask you for a copy of your resume. Make sure that you have put it (and everything else needed) in a position where they are neatly organized and readily available inside your bag for easy access when you are asked to pull them out.

5) Handling the Question: Why Do You Want this Job?

This is a question you should expect, therefore, plan for its appropriate answer in advance. It is only you who can answer this question the way it should. It has to be a well-thought and compeling answer. Just being in need of a job is not a good enough justification for anyone to hire you. 

6) Remember to be Nice to the Receptionist

Do not disregard the person seated at the front desk just because they are not your hiring manager. Their impression of you actually matters because, in fact, some companies nowadays are specifically asking their front desk attendants how prospective interviewees behave as they come through the door and use that as a factor in their ultimate hiring decision. Remember to always treat everybody with respect.

7) When to Ask Questions

Although you should allow the interview panel to lead the interview, you do not have to wait till the end of your talk to ask questions. In fact, relevant inquiries help to emphasize your interest in the new job position. What is important, you should let those questions flow naturally with the interview – do not just ask so as to appear enthusiastic or engaging.

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