How to Get Promoted

Whatever industry you work in, gaining a promotion can be tough. However, in many cases, your future depends on it. Not just in terms of work satisfaction or ambition, but also financially. Many of us put things off until we’re earning more. We don’t take that holiday, we can’t get a mortgage, or we put off having a family until we’ve done well at work and are financially stable. Unfortunately, now most workplaces are unimaginably competitive and promotion or career advancement can be tricky. Here’s a look at a few things that you can do to help yourself take the next step at work.


Check Your Record

Unfortunately, things from your past can hold you back. Even if they are incorrect. Check Your files and fix anything you can. This could be something like using an affordable criminal defense attorney to expunge an unwarranted conviction, or having a long-lapsed disciplinary removed from your company records. Do whatever you can to make sure you are presented in the best light, but be honest about any past indiscretions.



One thing that holds many people back is that while being great at their jobs, they don’t network. Get to the office parties, make sure you push for new clients, learn to pitch and get to know people. Often, it’s these social endeavors that get you remembered and make all of the difference. If you struggle in social situations, find ways to boost your confidence and present yourself well.


Go Above and Beyond

Going above and beyond doesn’t necessarily have to be about work. You could remember your boss’s favorite drink, or to ask about their family. You could spot a work mate struggling and offer your help. It’s all about finding small ways to get yourself noticed and build a solid reputation as a member of staff they can’t afford to lose.


Smarten Up

Check your appearance. Over time we can let things slide and stop making an effort. So, take a good hard look at yourself and find ways to smarten up.


Avoid Gossip and Drama

Being the center of office drama and gossip will soon get you known. But, not in the right way. A gossip can be a risk. Your boss wants someone that is trustworthy, loyal and dependable so steer clear of the water cooler gossip.


o Your Job

Know your job inside out and make sure you are doing it. Sometimes when we’re focused on pushing ourselves forward or learning new skills, we let the other stuff slide. Check yourself. Write a checklist of everything your basic job entails. Read the job description if necessary, so you are sure what is expected of you. Then, do it and do it well.

Ask for Advice

Talk to your manager. If you’re not due an appraisal, ask if you can have a chat. Then, ask them what you need to do to go further in the company and make a plan together. Sometimes just asking is enough. It lets them know you are interested.
If you are really struggling with promotion and seem to have hit a standstill, you could always consider a career change. Remember, it’s never too late.

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