When Home Problems Become Work Problems

If you have followed the plethora of advice on business ownership, then your home and business life are kept very separate. Home is for the cups of coffee to rouse you in the morning, the relaxed evenings with your feet up, the afternoons spent sweeping leaves in the yard. Business is for… business, really. The two remain very separate.

That’s why it can be so discomfiting to discover that some of the problems you’d think belong at home might actually crop up at work.

When you own business premises, the true separation of work and business might not be obtainable. Occasionally, you will find yourself with a problem that is more suited to home ownership – but you have to rectify it all the same. You can’t be nothing but your professional self, seeing your office premises as a shell you inhabit for eight hours per day. Just like your home, it’s going to need maintenance.

It’s probably not welcome news. After all, your business is where you can go to escape that kind of maintenance. Except… it’s not. The following problems might be more suited to your domestic residence, but they’re just as likely to crop up at work as well.

1) Infestations

Crawling in the walls, squeaks in the office kitchen… yes, you might have an infestation problem in the office. Not only is this going to gross everyone out, but it’s also going to require some work to fix it.

If you suspect this might be an issue for you, then the likes of Urban Property Inspections are perfect to suss out just how big of a problem you are facing. When you know what you have to do, bring in professionals to do it. This is your place of work, so no “at home” remedies for pests are going to cut it.

2) Building Problems

If you rent your business premises, then this is less likely to be an issue for you. Or if it is, you can just bounce it to the landlord.

If, however, you’re responsible for this kind of issue, then it could be a big headache. Roof problems are perhaps the most common; any leaks should be treated as an emergency that has to be fixed as soon as possible. It’s always useful to have a reliable team of tradespeople on hand that you can call in at the first sign of problems.

3) Cleaning

“Spring cleaning” is the kind of phrase that is massively overused, but it’s something many of us engage in. We acknowledge that, at least once per year, our usual cleaning regime needs to be deepened as we clean our home right down to the basics.

The same is true of your business premises. If you have a cleaning team, then every six months or so, hire them in for an entire day for a special deep clean. If you don’t have a cleaning team and it’s up to you, then sorry, it may be a work day but it looks like you’re going to need to don some rubber gloves and get going with the polish!

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