The Health Risks Of The Office It’s Time To Stop Ignoring

No matter how simple or entirely un-dangerous a job might appear to be, there are always risks to one’s health. Naturally, employees want to protect their business from any threats. It’s just as important, or even more so, that they’re affording that same protection to their employees. After all, it is your legal duty to do so.

The most common of them all

In 2013, in the US alone, 229,190 people suffered slips, trips, and falls that took them out of work. 724 died. It’s a common risk, one that can often seem comical to witness, but it is serious. It’s also tremendously preventable. Keeping your employees safe is as simple as taking care of the work environment. Cleaning spills and marking wet spots as soon as they happen. Clearing walkways of any debris or items. Make sure your workers are trained in the proper treatment of walkways at all times.

The electrics

It’s less common but it more often leads to serious concern. Most businesses have some reliance on electricity. First, get your office tested and make sure all equipment is working as it should be. Avoid overloading plugs with extension cables and the like. If electrical equipment is faulty, don’t let anyone who doesn’t have the training try to fix it. If there’s a burning smell in the air or exposed wiring, get someone on it right away. Make sure you have RCD testing done once in awhile to make sure you’re preventing severe electrical shocks.

Fires happen

The electrics can also be a common cause of fires. They’re just one of them, too. Paper, gasses, smoking, these are all risks that can bring a fire into any office. A lot of business owners follow the standard precautions of getting fire extinguishers, alarms and such as a matter of course. Yet when a fire happens, they might not even know which kind of fire extinguisher to use on the fire. Train everyone on fire safety regarding alarms and evacuation methods. Then appoint someone as a fire marshal and get them the qualification they need to handle the situation.

Wear and tear

Not every workplace injury is as dramatic as the ones mentioned above. Other niggling pains can develop into injuries if enough care isn’t given to working conditions. Some of the most common office health risks are caused simply by the posture and position of someone working. Carpal tunnel and repetitive strain injury can be serious conditions. They can also be caused by poor seats and tables as much as using a pneumatic drill. Getting ergonomic equipment and making sure people get space from their desks to stretch their legs is important. Otherwise, you could be causing them severe pain down the line.

In just about any office, all of these risks can be found. They can also be found in just about any industry, but each brings their own further risks. Heavy machinery, working from heights and such. Make sure you do the additional safety required of your business. These four points are common, but they’re just the start.

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