GoBuyside Talks Networking in the Social Media Landscape

Recruiting agencies using Social Media

Investment firms can find it difficult to locate top talent. That’s why top firms rely on recruitment agencies. A well-established investment firm likely can survive the long search necessary to hire a recruit. A financial profession seeking a job probably wants to land a new position without delay. The recruitment firm GoBuyside noted significant obstacles exist for job seekers. Social media makes networking difficult.

In a way, jobseekers place the obstacle in front of themselves. The choice to spend more time on social media platforms rather than meeting fellow professionals in real life comes with drawbacks. Virtual relationships created and existing on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook cannot serve as substitutes for real relationships. The dynamics are different.

People become lulled into thinking their relationships with people they never met in real life are strong ones. Perhaps the interactions via messengers and other online interactions can be productive. Friendships do develop as can professional respect. The limitations with these relationships emerge when the time comes for serious networking.

Networking requires trust. Professionals don’t want to hurt their standing with others. Recommending someone for a job, even a mildly important job, comes with risk. If the person doesn’t work out, the judgment of the individual making the recommendation comes into question. So, recommendations don’t come easy.

Who recommends a stranger for a sensitive job? Very few people would do so. Too many questions exist about the person’s ultimate performance. Too many concerns may exist about the person him/herself. When the day of action comes, many back away from putting their necks out for someone who remains a “friend” on social media and nothing more.

Can you blame anyone for being so cautious? With so much to lose, any reasonable person prefers to take the safest route. They prefer to deal with people they truly know.

All this proves safe for the person making the recommendation. What about the job seeker in need of some assistance. He/she stays needing someone to open a door. Relying solely on a social media platform for help might prove frustrating. Heading out into the world to meet new and influential friends could take some time. All isn’t hopeless though. GoBuyside points out an option available.

A recruitment firm handles all the networking duties. The firm serves as an essential intermediary between the job seeker and the company looking to hire. Working with a recruitment firm takes place in the real world. All the problematic “virtual issues” associated with social media networking don’t apply.

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