Go From Rags To Riches Online

We all wish we could wake up tomorrow stinking rich. It’s a dream that you’ll find all over the world. It’s one of the ultimate goals in life and we’re not here to discuss whether that’s the right goal to have. Today, we’re going to examine how you can achieve it and just how easy it could actually be. You might think that getting rich is always going to be an endless struggle. But it doesn’t have to be and there are ways to make money without the endless effort. You’re looking at one right now.

That’s right, your computer is a great tool for making money. You just need to know how to use it properly. So, here are a few ideas to get you started making money online.

Buying Domains

This is a little risky as an investment but usually it does pay off in some way or another. Essentially, you buy domain names and wait for the right person to come along who wants to invest for the purpose of starting a company. So for instance, you could purchase the domain littlepanda.com for around five grand. Now, that might seem foolish but eventually someone will come along looking to use that domain for something like a child’s clothing store. If they do, they’ll be willing to pay a lot more than five grand. As any start up owner will tell you, the domain name is everything.

You may want to avoid buying domains that you think existing companies will want though. Typically, they’ll take you to court and argue fair use of the domain, particularly, if you’re not using it. This has happened multiple times with individuals who bought domains such as PS4.com, as well Harrypotterworld.com. When they purchased the rights to Harry Potter, Warner Bros had all existing sites that they didn’t own relating to the franchise shut down.


You can trade online with things like bitcoins. What are bitcoins? Think of them as a form of digital currency and also a great investment opportunity. You can buy bitcoin at xCoins.io or similar sites and once you do you’ll be able to start trading. The benefit of this type of investment is that for the most part, it’s automated. You won’t have to worry about it at all and instead, you’ll find that most of the work is done for you which is absolutely fantastic.

Another possibility for trading would be forex. Forex trading is great because you can invest as little or as much as you like. Forex is about knowing the patterns of exchange rate and understanding how different factors affect the value of money.


Finally, there’s blogging. While it can take a while to get started blogging, there is a lot of potential here. You can write about anything you like and, with a unique style or tone, you’ll easily be able to build up a readership. At that point you can attract advertisers and that’s how blogs become money making machines.

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