Four Ways To Outsource On A Budget

Being a freelancer is a big deal. You’re out in the world and you’re running your own home office, and you’re basically running your own business. If you are a freelancer who is looking to expand into owning your own business, you need to look at what your finances could be to know whether you could afford something like outsourcing. Let’s be honest: you’re good at what you do, but you’re not good at everything. You can run your niche – it’s why you’re a freelancer in the first place. However, you may not have a clue about IT support or marketing campaigns and advertising ideas.

The problem is money. It’s an age old catch-22: you need money to outsource, but to make more money you need to outsource! Instead, you’ve got to figure out how to do it in a way that’s affordable. When you’re focusing on keeping your IT systems secure, you should speak to companies like ATB, who offer help with anti spam software and virus protection. When you have to focus on your next ad campaign for your business, you’d speak to an expert in marketing to ensure you get the right traffic directed toward your business to improve conversions. Below, you’ll find four ways to outsource on a lower budget than you’d like.

Go For Importance

You may love the idea of a virtual assistant, but it’s the least important job you need to outsource. You can’t keep going with a business that’s unprotected, so look at outsourcing IT first. You’ll be able to expand better when you have a well supported IT system and great web hosting.

Outsource The Jobs You Hate Doing

Who likes to invoice? No one likes to invoice. You’ve got more exciting things to do, like network and get new business your way. Think about the jobs that you find tedious and look to outsource those first. Not only does that get it out of your way, it frees you up to do the jobs you want to do, instead.

Start Small

You’re on a budget, which means that even if you wanted to you can’t pay out big money for your outsourcing. Look at starting small with another freelancer to do the images for your blog or the backend stuff for your IT systems. As you build more cash, you can outsource more and keep bringing in new business with the money that you’re saving.

Outsource To Make Money

What is it about your business that you know will increase your bottom line? If you choose to work on outsourcing those tasks first, you’re going to ensure that you gain from it. If any of the business tasks that you partake in have an effect on your clients, you need to make those the top of the list – these earn you money, remember!

Outsourcing can be overwhelming on a budget, but it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Look at the ways that you can layer your outsourcing and start with the small things.


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