Earn Money Changing Lives

There’s no more rewarding way to make money and earn your living than to choose something that benefits other people, the community or changes lives. We all want to make the world a better place- and you may think that you’ll have to undergo years and years in medical school or law school in order to make a huge difference to the world and everyone in it, but in reality, you can still change a life by doing everyday jobs. You could start today and change the lives of people and animals around you by changing the way you look at your career.    

Foster Animals

Have you ever wondered what happens to pets who are abandoned or rescued before they are put up for adoption? In the same way children are fostered out to parents to give them a better chance at developing life skills and prepare them for adoption- you can foster animals as they are rehabilitated and as they wait to be adopted to their forever home. If you love animals and you have the time available to dedicate to caring for one, you can help the animal rescue services by offering yourself as a foster parent for an animal in need until they are ready for adoption. You’ll earn money for the work you do and be able to spend time with a beautiful animal. What could be better?

Become A Nurse

If you have always wanted to care for people but never go the grades to become a doctor, you can use your affinity for care to become a nurse instead. Nursing will require a course such as the Carson-Newman University Online RN to BSN Program, but it won’t take you 7 years to become a fully qualified nurse- and in a way being a nurse can be better because you get to talk to your patients and really get to know them.

Work For Charity

Working for a charity will not pay as much as a regular job, but it will give you a much bigger reward when you see the changes you can make to people’s lives. Working for charity will involve you going to fundraisers, visiting victims and vulnerable people and raising awareness for the cause. You could potentially be responsible for saving a life along the way with the money you raise.

Invest In Cancer Research

If investment is more of a thing you’d be willing to do- then you can look into investing in cancer research charities and organizations. You’ll be able to put money into the research and benefit if discoveries are made within the medical sector.

Train Guide Dogs

Lastly, if you love dogs and would love nothing more than to train puppies- you can become a guide dog trainer. You’ll be responsible for teaching these young dogs how to respond to their blind owner and how to guide them through the world. It will change someone’s life dramatically and allow them to live an independent life with a dog by their side.

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