The Cost of Travelling for Business

Travelling for business purposes can be costly and at times challenging; however, it opens up endless opportunities for building new work relationships and may open up many new doors for your enterprise. If you’re still thinking about whether to make travel a priority in your business, here’s everything you need to know about the common highs and lows of traveling entrepreneurs.

Challenges of business travel

Most successful business people love traveling; it opens you up to the world’s diversity, and the wealth of knowledge gained from attending conferences and workshops is of great value, however, all of them say that one of the major challenges is the time spent away from your business, and it requires one to compromise. The hours spent on flights to attend meetings or to give a presentation is time that could be used to work on new ideas to make your business more productive.

Flight delays are another challenge that business travelers are prone to encounter – they happen all the time. And if a flight is delayed you may be late for your meeting, which could create problems and lead to a missed opportunity. Business people who do a lot of traveling have also found that being constantly out on the road may also make it difficult to maintain a work schedule or a personal exercise regimen.

How you can overcome the challenges

Before any trip, always do everything you can to prepare ahead of time and be realistic about your schedule and timing. Thanks to technology, we are now able to tackle almost any problem; for instance, to deal with flight delays, there are now apps like App in the Air that make managing your flights less stressful, even with a delay.

For companies which rely a lot on land travel, like various delivery services, truck companies, salespeople and others, being as efficient as possible on fuel consumption is very important. Due to this problem, we now have route planning software which elevates efficiency to the next level.

And because you need to be at your best when traveling, making sure to eat well, hydrate and get enough sleep are ways you can fight possible jet lag. Business people who do a lot of travelling also advise on avoiding alcohol and coffee when you’re on a business trip as these dehydrate you.

The average cost of business trips to enterprises

A new business travel study released by Executive Travel earlier this year revealed that every time a business sends a traveler on a flight it costs an average of $1,444. When planning for a business trip it’s important to bear in mind that apart from your ticket, other typical expenses include car rentals, hotels and eating out. And if you’d like to hire a private jet, Air Charter Service can assist you with all your private jet requirements.

So, in conclusion, while travelling for business may come with its challenges; many business people who’ve made it big have found that travel has played a major role in their progress as entrepreneurs, as well as in growing their businesses.

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