Cool Careers For Coders

Those with the knowledge and patience for coding are at an advantage in today’s digitally reliant world. Programmers are more in demand than ever before and as a result the pay can be very good. There’s also the opportunity to pick and choose the careers you want. Here are several professions that may be worth looking into.

Web design

Content management systems such as WordPress have made it easy for any layman to create a website without coding. However, the need for web design is still great with larger companies and professional bodies still preferring custom websites coded from scratch. You can work for a web design company or freelance. This is an ideal job for those that also have a creative streak. Having some graphic design knowledge may also be advantageous.

App development

Building apps is big business with most of us now owning a smartphone. Apps can include games, useful tools or simply serve as marketing products for businesses. Buying a Mac and learning Objective C may work out useful when following this career path. From here you can build your own app and submit it to Apple, or find work at an app development company making apps for clients.

Medical coding

For those that have always dreamt of working in a hospital, medical coding may be the ideal job for you. It helps to have some knowledge of medicine although you don’t need a degree – taking an online medical billing and coding course is usually acceptable for getting your foot in the door. From here you’ll learn the specific medical coding system, allowing you to file record and handle insurance billing.

Data analysis

One of the fastest growing new careers, data analysis (or ‘data science’) is a way of interpreting huge amounts of data made possible by digital technology and the internet, and transforming them into useful ways of improving a business. Insurance companies may use data analysts to more accurately calculate risk, whilst marketing companies are now using data analysts to create better analytics of market demographics allowing for more successful marketing campaigns. This job requires a head for figures and generally a degree. Successful data analysts may be able to earn some serious money working for large businesses, sometimes earning sums of up to a hundred grand.   

Hardware development

Computers are finding their way into more and more everyday objects from TVs to cars to smart kettles. Creating this hardware requires the same concepts of mathematics and logic used to write code, with some physical engineering knowledge on top. Those who have taken a course in electrical engineering or computer engineering should be able to translate their skills into this field. You may be able to join a hardware development company and help a team build products, or alternatively you could try and create your own computer-powered device and then market and sell it.

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