Why Continuing Professional Development Is A Great Investment

Have you ever considered continuing your education and training now you’re settled in your career? Many of us get swept along in the busy day-to-day duties of our jobs and forget that our qualifications of long ago can quickly fall out of date. Best practices of working, key regulations and legal requirements, as well as the certification itself, can change. Are you keeping on top of what’s changing in your industry?

Of course, you may be working hard in an attempt to push your career ahead. Promotions often mean more money. As your home life changes, you may need those extra dollars! So how can you make sure you’re earning top dollar for the role you’re in and that you’re on track for a big promotion? Continuing Professional Development, or CPD could be exactly what you need. Adding current qualifications to your resume can help you stand out from the rest.

Investing in further and higher education is essential if you want to climb the career ladder to the top. Not only does it boost your resume, but it will also enhance your knowledge and expertise in your specialist field. You might want to be considered for a more senior role, supervising, leading, and managing staff. An advanced degree in areas like healthcare management could push your career further. It might even lead you to new directions and opportunities for employment you hadn’t considered before.

Studying for another degree, or undertaking a residential training course will cost money. There are ways to reduce your personal outlay, and it is possible to stay debt-free. But this is an investment. Consider how much more you will earn in your current role once you qualify. Then consider how much more you could make when this qualification jumps you up the corporate ladder. You may be able to make back your initial outlay in just a few months with your new salary band. Multiply that over your lifetime and pension!

CPD goes far beyond the financial investment. You are investing your time and maybe even sacrificing time you might otherwise spend with your family. Self-fulfilment and betterment are always worth a little of your time. It can boost your confidence and improve your knowledge and expertise. CPD also offers you the satisfaction of completion and achievement. It’s human nature to want to improve and be better. For some of us, we can really thrive when faced with such an interesting challenge!

Just how much should you invest? Like all investments, it’s important to weigh up the risks. Many degree courses require large payments, but they are spread over each year of study. Beyond the cost of the course, you might want to purchase text books. These can always be sold on at the end so you can reap some of that investment back. Don’t forget – your employer may be willing to invest in your professional development too. This could greatly reduce your personal risk.

If you’re serious about your career, then CPD should be quite high on your list of priorities. Stay current. Retain your professional qualifications. Enjoy a continuous career progression. What are you waiting for?


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