Common Excuses For Not Starting A Side Hustle

Common Excuses For Not Starting A Side HustleI started blogging in August of 2011. Soon after I started blogging, I started to side hustle by providing online services to other website owners.

I was working an average of 90 to 100 hours each week, and this went on for a few years.

I would wake up early in the morning before work, side hustle for around an hour or two, then I would go to my day job as a financial analyst. I would use my hour-long lunch break for my side hustle. I would then get home at around 6 p.m. and side hustle some more. I would side hustle on the weekends as well.

I’m not going to lie, I was probably a little on the excessive side. However, I had many goals on my mind when I was doing all of this.

  • I wanted to pay off my student loans. I had around $40,000 in student loans and I didn’t want them hanging over my head forever. I made a goal to use my side hustle income for my student loan payments. I ended up paying them off in July of 2013, at the age of 24.
  • I wanted to leave my day job. I found that I really loved my side hustles. I loved them so much that I created a plan to leave my day job and focus on full-time freelancing. My last day at my day job was in October of 2013.

So, even if you don’t want to dedicate a full 40 hours a week to a “side hustle,” you can still spend just a few hours a week and possibly earn enough to reach a goal of yours.

Maybe you want to go on a vacation, pay off your student loans, pay off some credit card debt, or just have more spending money in general. A side hustle can allow you to do this.


Below are common excuses I have heard for why a person does not start a side hustle:

I’m already too busy.

Many people tell me that they are too busy to start a side hustle or a side job. Yes, some people are honestly busy. I don’t know how some people do it.

However, there are many others out there who say they are too busy when in reality they are not. There are probably time wasters out there that you can cut out of your life so that you can make time for a side hustle.

If you really wanted to have a side hustle, you would find time for it!

It’s really that simple.

There’s nothing out there for me.

So many people give up because they don’t think they will find anything. Yes, in some areas the economy might not be the greatest yet, but I’m sure if you set your heart on it that you could find something.

And, if you can’t find something, maybe you should get out there and MAKE something for yourself. I’m sure there is something out there that you could do where you are providing a service to a family or small business owner (such as babysitting, house sitting, dog walking, freelancing, etc.).

It’s not worth it for me to work for so little.

Sometimes a side hustle won’t make you a ton of money. That is common since you won’t be dedicating your full-time life to it.

Some think that making just a few extra hundred dollars wouldn’t be worth it, so they just skip the whole idea altogether.

If you really need the money though and you want to reach financial goals a little more quickly, then a side hustle may be exactly what you need.

Just spending a few extra hours each week on a side job can add up month by month.

Do you have a side hustle? Why or why not?



Common Excuses For Not Starting A Side Hustle — 17 Comments

  1. I currently have two side hustles, and it’s amazing how saying “yes” to starting one can open up so many other opportunities. It won’t be long before my side hustles are my main gigs!

  2. The only thing I would add is that right after you have a kiddo, it’s okay to take a few months off. I know Cat at budget blonde is dealing with this right now, and I certainly did. But yes, most people have time to side hustle…and they have to understand that it’s actual WORK! Great tips!

  3. Hi Michelle ~ I’ve followed your blog for a long time now and I have to tell you that you are amazing and inspiring! I’ve been blogging for a year and a half, but no income is generated from my blog (yet!).

    Two months ago I opened an Amazon FBA seller account and I’ve been selling products I buy at local retail stores using that service. It appears there is opportunity to generate an income from that side hustle; however, there is a learning curve and some risk.


  4. Another excuse is “I don’t have any marketable skills.” This excuse is coming from a person who hasn’t thought hard enough. There is always something a person could do…it’s just a matter of whether they might want to or not.

  5. The BF and I used to choreograph as a side hustle. We haven’t done any gigs recently, however, because we were simply too busy and that particular side hustle was incredibly stressful. I’m currently looking for my next side gig…

  6. I do not have a side hustle yet, but I’d like to start one because, like you, I’d like to pay off my student loans faster (I’ve got about twice what you did… not pretty!) I think the biggest thing holding me back is: I feel like there are already too many people out there doing what I’d like to do. I think I’ll give it a shot anyway though – nothing to lose!

  7. I try to remember that no matter how busy I am, there’s always someone else who’s busier and still finds time for side hustling. So I hustle hard.

    Your 2011-2012 sounds like my 2014. Side hustle before work, during lunch, and after work until eat, exercise, and go to bed (<5hrs last night). I LOVE it all though! Hopefully I can be like you when I grow up! 🙂

  8. I’ve started a side hustle in the last month and it came about as a pleasant surprise. It’s giving me new skills and experience and will make me more employable in an area I’d like to get into should I need to return to full time work, although I’m hoping the side hustle will become a full time gig eventually. Another side hustle I’d like to do is freelance writing, unfortunately I haven’t been very proactive in seeking out freelance opportunities – something I definitely need to change asap.

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