What Careers Are The Best Investment?

When it comes to finding a job, it’s the dream to have the best work and life balance, with equality between each part of your life. Yet, when it comes to getting an ‘entry’ level job, or moving careers a little later down the line, getting this good balance and making the money you’ve always wanted to is going to be hard. So apart from working on your own, and taking full responsibility for all the flexible working and money making you could do, there actually are other careers out there that offer the best return on the time, effort, and money you originally put into them. Here’s a few of the routes you could go down.


Turn to the Healthcare Sector

Working as a nurse or a doctor often means you’re not going to get a good night’s sleep 7 days a week, and dealing with patients day in and out can take a huge toll on you. But if you’re really interested in the medical side of things, you can put this aside and turn to applying to medical schools. It’s highly rewarding, and what you learn can be applied in many walks of life and other careers; plus the world is in a short supply of the healthcare it needs!

You don’t even have to work with the patients, as you could work in the admin department or even coding for hospitals. Either way, you’ll help people in multiple ways and keep a stable career that no recession could properly target. There’s a lot of security in healthcare!

Look into Web Design

If you know how to code a picture into a website, and you know how to fit the text around that, not only are you going to have a lot of fun in your job, but you’re also going to experience a lot of commissions coming through your door! What could be a better balance for you?

You don’t even have to freelance this as plenty of consulting and design companies exist out there for you to apply to. With more and more people in the modern world needing a website made for them, and society still teaching children off of pen and paper, this skill is in short supply.

Work in Marketing

You can make about $70,000 a year with this job alone! There’s a lot of creative control to be had when you’re supervising a company’s marketing campaigns. When a business is all tied up within its actual operations, there’s a huge opening that can be filled by someone of your talents. Often you’ll work with your own team, and you’ll have plenty of customer interaction to go off of with social media in the way.

These aren’t easy jobs by any means, but when something is challenging it’s more rewarding for you as a person. Not to mention the amount of money you can make on an average yearly salary! Do your research and take opinions with a pinch of salt.

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