Buying Blogs/Websites For Profit Part 1

Buying Blogs:Websites For Profit Part 1In the past few months, I have bought two websites. I don’t seem to be the only one who has been buying websites recently though.

Last Summer, I saw that many other bloggers were buying websites, so I started doing some research and I knew I wanted to get in on the action.

I’m always looking to add income streams to my business, and buying more websites is something that has been helping me increase my income.

Below are common questions that I have received about buying websites.

What kind of websites have I bought?

I won’t lie, the two websites that I bought were not the highest quality, but they were both within my budget (see below).

They were both less than $1,000, and I have already made my money back on them. I knew I wanted websites that I could improve myself and have more control over, so having a low-budget was fine for me.

Both of these websites are in the personal finance niche. I figured I should stick to what I know for now, and then maybe eventually get into travel websites as well. I won’t be sharing the names of the websites today, even though some of you probably already know. One day when I am ready to completely unveil them, I will though.

Website A – It didn’t have very many articles on it, but the website has been around for a few years and I was just looking for something to build on. I have made over $1,000 from this website already.

Website B – This website has quite a few articles, but it hadn’t been touched at all for a long time. I have made back what I paid for this website already.

How do you make money with websites?

There are many different ways to make money with a website. I’m going to quickly summarize them below, but you can check out How To Make Money Blogging if you want to read the whole thing.

  • Buy to flip. Many people buy websites so that they can slightly improve them (new design, fix old articles, etc.) and then sell them for a higher price to a new owner.
  • Affiliate income.Β Affiliate income is where you will insert a linkΒ into an article and recommend a product. Then when someone clicks on your link and buys something, you make money.
  • Ad Networks.Β You can place Adsense or other ad networks (such as BlogHer and Social Spark) widgets nearly anywhere on your blog. Usually bloggers place them in their sidebars, but you can also place them within posts, on your homepage, as a banner above your header or in the footer.
  • Advertising. This is where you sell advertisements on your blog to companies. These can be in the form of contributed posts, reviews, sidebar widgets, and so on. Some advertisers just want link juice (there are risks with this, so please be careful), whereas others want traffic to their website and sales.


Why don’t I just build more websites from the ground up?

I have a few websites that I have built from the ground up (those include Making Sense of Cents, Diversified Finances, and a few others).

Positives of building a website yourself:

  • What’s nice about building a website from the very beginning is that you completely have control over a website. You know what content is on the website, you control what is talked about, and so on.
  • Cheap to start. All you really have to pay for is the domain and hosting.


Positives of buying a website:

  • A lot of the leg work is already done. If you build a website on your own, then you have to work for months or years before you can make any money from a website that you built. However, if you buy a website, there is already content published.
  • The site will already have rankings and statistics.


How do you know if a website should be bought?

There is no right or wrong website for a person. Just like if you were buying actual real estate (such as if you wanted to become a landlord), you should always research the online real estate as much as you can before you buy it.

You should first think about your budget.

How much do you plan on spending on a website? There are high-quality websites which can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (and sometimes even in the millions), and then there are websites that you can buy on Flippa for $50.

You need to first set a budget so that you can narrow down your options. If your budget is $1,000, then you obviously shouldn’t even be wasting anyone’s time by looking at websites that are in the $100,000 price range.

When buying a website, you want to look at:

  • The quality of the content on the website. Does the website produce quality content, or does the quality suck?
  • The traffic of the website. Does the website receive any traffic? If you are looking to make money with affiliate income, then traffic is important. You want loyal readers and you also want clicks from search engines.
  • The website’s design. If the website has an absolutely horrible design, then you need to factor in the cost of getting a new design made into your budget as well.
  • The website’s stats. If you are looking to place direct advertising on a website, then this is usually important. You need to look at the website’s Page Rank, Moz, Page Authority, and Domain Authority. A website with a Page Rank of 1 is probably less valuable than a website with a Page Rank of 4 if you are looking to sell advertising. However, sometimes it can be the exact opposite, for example if a Page Rank 4 website has low quality content filled with sponsored advertising. They might lose their Page Rank, which would then mean the website is not as useful to you if you are looking to make money from direct advertising.


This concludes Part 1 of myΒ Buying Blogs/Websites For Profit series. If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will try to include it in the next part of the series.

Have you ever bought a website? Or would you prefer to build one from scratch?



Buying Blogs/Websites For Profit Part 1 — 48 Comments

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  2. Hi Michelle – Really excited for this series! One thing I was hoping you’d mention but didn’t (unless I missed it, which is totally possible) is exactly WHERE you bought the websites. Did you broker it directly or go through some middleman? How was the process of transitioning the website to your ownership? Did it go smoothly? What all goes into that transaction? I’m looking to do this sometime this year so any detail on the actual purchase and transfer is appreciated.

    • Haha I thought someone was going to ask this. I plan on covering this more in one of the next parts of the series.

      I found out about both websites from the Yakezie forums actually. I bought one directly from the owner, and the other on Flippa.

      For the transfers, I actually hired others to handle that, since I know others can do it more quickly than I can. Both transactions went smoothly, I made sure that there were reputable sellers involved.

    • When I bought my first website, I had been blogging for a little over two years.

      I’m not sure how many I would like. I know I have time for more though πŸ™‚

  3. I didn’t know that you could buy websites either. I find so interesting the different things one can do online to make money. I look forward to reading more in your series. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’m looking forward to reading your series on this Michelle! I actually just finalized my first purchase late last week and feel like I’m sort of learning on the fly, but excited to see what I can make of it. I think I’d prefer to just build a site from scratch, but I’m realistic enough to know that I don’t have the time I’d like to do that.

  5. This seems like a really fun way to bring in some money. Building a site from the ground up is a lot of work, especially when you aren’t that savvy with design and coding. Buying a site sounds like a great option to me. Looking forward to the rest of this series!

  6. I love building from the ground up but I can definitely see the benefits of buying an established site. I’ve just recently started learning about advertising and look to do more of that in the future. What strategies are you using to drive traffic to your blog? Seems advertising is pointless without eyes looking at your stuff.

  7. I think it’s an interesting concept and one that I want to look into after having some advertising success with my own blog. I have to figure out how to manage that first! It sounds like a great way to diversify online income, and it’s awesome you’ve already made your money back on them.

  8. Very informative about buying websites. Thank you for giving me an idea about the pros and cons of making/buying a site. Because i have always wanted to have diversified income from the web as one of my retirement option.

  9. Great post Michelle,

    Very generous of you to share this with your audience, which shows why you have many loyal followers πŸ™‚ (good on you)..

    What I’d like to know and apologies if this has been asked but with things like adwords is it ever too early to start doing this.. My blog started up a month ago and tracking around 20 viewers today (about to hit the 1000 viewers mark)

    What are your thoughts?
    Love the content too

  10. I have both purchased websites that other people have built, and built several from the ground up myself. Both options are great options, but of course, the easier way is by purchasing. It takes me about a day (full day, usually done on my weekends) to get a website up and functional, and then the hard part: content, commenting, social media, etc. If you can hire somebody to do all that, you’ve got it made.

    • Sounds like you’re very experienced there Daisy, would be great to connect and chat sometime. If there is anything that I can do to help you let me know..

      Cheers πŸ™‚

        • Hi Daisy,

          Not too sure about the best way to contact, have followed you on twitter but if you flick me an email on careercrusader89 at gmail dot com we can talk from there..

          Hope it is okay that we are connecting Michelle πŸ™‚

  11. Good for you for getting into the game! I still have yet to buy or sell any websites, though it is an option. All my sites have been ground-up.

    I have read a lot about people buying websites that ended up having fake PR or lots of spam links pointing to it. For anyone interested in buying a site make sure you do your research thoroughly first.

  12. Great article! When you buy a site, how do you transfer the site to your hosting account. I recently bought a site. I’ve transferred the domain. I want to transfer the hosting but that requires more info than the seller wants to give (password, user name, etc). It’s very frustrating but both Godaddy and Hostgator say I can’t transfer the site without the seller’s info. It makes sense because otherwise people would be taking websites that don’t belong to them. There has to be a way though because people are buying and selling sites every day.

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  14. Thank you so much for the information that you have shred here. This will work only for those that will be taking action just reading will not be able to change anything in anyone life.

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